All Set

Yea yea~~~ Tomorrow is movie outing with Mc Dave. Woot woot. Finally I get to see him again and we are going to watch The Omen in Time Square. I'll meet him in KLCC and take a cab from there. I wonder if the movie is really scary as Alien back in the good old days of scary movies that will scare the shit out of you.

We'll have lunch in Kim Gary's, again. Hahaha. Told yea I'm a Kim Gary's junkie. Hehehe. This time, he'll get to eat the hot and fresh, right out of the toaster French Toast and we'll share it. Soo romantic. If only shagging session comes after that. Hehehe.

I'm finally getting my hair cut. Hehehe. Mc Dave is taking me to APT (Or something like that. Not really good with names.) in Low Yat since he's getting a haircut too. Now I wonder what hairstyle I should get or perhaps I shall just wait till tomorrow and talk to the hairstylist. Mc Dave is treating me this haircut. So sweet of him~~~ Our first haircut together. Hahahah.

While we're there, we'll go have a look at a shop that sells gay porn. Heheheh. Never been to a gay porn shop ever, not even the straight ones. Don't think we'll be buying any of them. I know I won't. I have trusty "suppliers/friends". Hahha. Then, we'll take a look at the shop next to it that sells kinky underwears. Hehehhe. Maybe, just maybe, I might get something from there. Nothing like wearing kinky underwear to boost one's ego. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


AJ said...

Ahhem... You are such a sweathart, but really cupcake, I have to disagree with

"Nothing like wearing kinky underwear to boost one's ego. :P"

there is nothing like not wearing underwear to boost one's ego... really!

ceusm said...

okiez.. we all goin to have a group tour to visit times square tomolo.. n have a movie there.. Movie of the day is THE OMEN.. who wanna join ? kekekeke extra show- mcdave n defiants romanticism! kekekeke

Dave said...

And here is the brief sypnosis of McDave and Defiant's Romanticism:

Both have lunch at Kim Gary, fresh and hot.

Both cringed at each other when watching The Omen. (Direcotr John Moore has done a good job in making a horror, that both guys will cringe at each other.)

Both gets a smiliar haircut.

Both might decided to bring home some romantic erotisim...ahem ahem.

mikey said...

Oo...Omen! It's going to be the same shit, but with the help of computer for special effects, I hope it'll be better than the original.

Happy dating at 666.

Xavier said...

awww.... the sweet sweet times of courting, ENJOY!!!!!


Patrick said...

OOhhh...leads him to the hidden part or behind bushes afterward.. ahem ahem...and complete the whole story for the date..hehe

Alex said...

Cool dude! Enjoy your outing!