Only... Me?

Mc Dave called last night. We were smsing each other the whole day but sms could only satisfy us soo much. We missed each other soo much so he called me and talked about random things from reminiscing the time together when he was staying over till how we first met. I did mention about how we met in my previous post but that was just my side of the story.

A little something I found out about his side of the story last night. It was me who first messaged him in Axcest cause of the nick that he used that caught my attention and a rather interesting, obscene pic that he put for his default picture. He checked my profile and my pictures that I put in my profile. I had a picture of me abseiling in Pangkor and he thought, wow, this guy is rather cute and fun. Never seen this kind of picture in Axcest before. So he replied my message but wasn't hoping for anything. However, I did reply him and he replied me back and the next thing we knew, we were smsing each other everyday.

He doesn't go for any guy who's younger than him but I am the first and only that he bothered to reply to. He was only interested in guys same age as him or older than him cause he likes to be the one being "manja"ed but I think it takes two to "manja". Hehheeh. I admit, I'm childish and jovial most of the time but when it's time to be serious, I'll be serious. There were several other "only" me thing he mentioned like I am the "only" one he can be close to and it felt real, "only" my parents reminded him of his family in his hometown and I'm the "only" person with the same name as he's. :P I wonder if its true... Hehehhe. Kidding baby. :)

I finished watching another gay themed movie today but I can't seem to get enough of them. I really like these kinds of movies cause its not your typical mainstream storyline. Somehow, when there's a gay themed movie, its more meaningful, emotional and something I can relate to most of the time regardless of language the movie was made in. The movie that I watched was Mei Shao Nian Zhi Lian (Bishonen). Yes, its an ancient movie but it was a superb movie none the less. The plot detail can be found here. The character, Sam, somehow reminded me of me. I'm not sure why but I can connect to him. Its like watching myself in the movie but not all of it resembled me. It was a tragic and illfated romance story and it almost made me cry. I felt so lonely after the movie and I started to miss Mc Dave terribly. I called him immediately just to hear his voice once more.

-Live Long & Prosper


MrBunnyBan said...

Awwwww. Hmm, maybe you should follow Paul's rule and only watch movies with happy endings. :p

joshua said...

But hey, it gave you another opportunity to talk mushily (I am sure) with McDave right?

ceusm said...

i love movies tat makes me cry anyway huh... gosh..

gosh.. dave soo sweet kekee.. uhmnn high sugar level just like wat Mcdonald Value Meals offer ekekek!

savante said...

Loved Bishonen but the ending SUCKS!


Patrick said...

Bishonen is my first gay themed movie. Like the conversation between KS and Sam..."Are you gay?....."

defiant85 said...

Bunny - Nah. I watch almost all sorts of movies. Sad once in a while is fun too.

Joshua - It sure did. :P

Ceusm - Diabetic is coming in~~~

Savante - Love the movie. The end or the begining? It starts off from the end and ends where the movie began. :P

Patrick - Yea I remember. KS said, "I am if you are.". Hehehhe.