Six Merry Men

My first queer outing with 5 other queer bloggers. It was really fun seeing the writer behind the blog in person. Well actually, there were only two bloggers that I haven't met, Paul and Leggie. Heheh. My first impression of Leggie was a shy and quiet person but as the night went on, he was still rather quiet ish but he could really crack jokes. Combine him with the joker, jovial and spontaneous, Paul, we couldn't stop laughing the whole night.

All of us met at Starbucks in KLCC at about 5.00 PM. The first person I saw from a far amongst the crowd was Alex. He and his super fair, white skin with bright ish brown hair colour stood out like a lighthouse. Gay beacon I like to call it. :P Next was Paul. Should have guessed that we would be meeting in Starbucks since they offer free WIFI. :P So there he was in front of his laptop blogging away. Hehehe. Then it was Xavier. Hug smile on his face when he saw MrBunnyBan and me approaching them. Heheh. Leggie joined us later.

We were basically chatting/bitching away in Starbucks and MrBunnyBan was giving out souvenirs from Aussie. Xavier got the most amusing/annoying toy ever, a snoring koala. Heheheh. Its super KAWAII and it snores. This was MrBunnyBan's secret plan to annoy the heck out of Alex. He can't stand those KAWAII things that makes KAWAII sounds. Hehehhe. Poor Alex. *hugs

When it was nearly 6.00 PM, we decided to have our dinner in Bukhara (Big mistake. Will explain in next entry.) and Leggie was already there waiting for us when we arrived. So we had our dinner there and sat there for hours chatting/bitching/joking/laughing. It was really great time. I was laughing soo much that time, all thanks to Paul. Forever coming up with weird ass jokes. :P There was a really funny moment where Xavier and Paul took out their laptops and me with my Palm surfing the net, blogs specifically. Huhuhuh. Rather sad ish when you come to think of it. 6 queer bloggers gathering in a restaurant reading blogs... Hhehehehe.

Alex, MrBunnyBan and I were suppose to go to Kuala Selangor to watch fireflies (Or lalat as Paul would call them.) but it was raining in KLCC and we thought better not go all the way there to find out its raining there too. So we stayed in KLCC and watched X-Men III instead since MrBunnyBan and me haven't watched it. Leggie and Paul didn't join us (ANTISOCIAL!!!) and claim that they were tired, bla bla bla... Xavier had to rush to somewhere that night so he too didn't join us.

The movie was good. I enjoyed it but it wasn't the best compared to the previous X-Mens. I didn't really mind it cause I got my two queer friends and it was the company that mattered most. It was already past midnight and we decided to head back. We had to send Alex back first but on the way, Alex and MrBunnyBan were hungry. So we stopped at a mamak shop near Alex's place. We sat there and chatted/bitched/joked some more. We love our chatting/bitching/joking sessions. :)

After that we dropped by Alex's place. Finally, I get to see how this feller lives since his room in campus is soo spartan. I like to look at a person's room cause it tells a little about how the person is. However, MrBunnyBan wasn't looking around or chatting with us much. He fell asleep... Since the driver can't send me back to my place, we decided to crash at Alex's. Hhehehe. My second queer stayover.

-Live Long & Prosper


ceusm said...

huh KLCC have soo many choices.. why bukhara? duh...

Anyway woa.. 6 Gay Men in KLCC.. very very very attract attention of others ler..ekekeke

MrBunnyBan said...

6 *obviously* gay men in KLCC, might I add. *rolls eyes.

Seriously, we're normally not easy to detect when we're on our own. But together...phew!

joshua said...

I am gonna whine now.

I am geographically-deprived.

I am jealous-ed.

I am going to cry.

Alex said...

And yeah, the bill for the stayover will be sent to you end of this month.