Meme Meme Meme Meme

Got tagged by Joshua, AGAIN. Heheheh. I kinda like memes cause they're fun, especially this one. This objective is to write the dullest entry ever. So here goes.

I woke up this morning. Sat at the edge of my bed while hugging Teddy. Then I got up, sat in front of the computer and stared into it.

Because misery loves company, you've been tagged.

-Live Long & Prosper


Cybertron said...

kakakka thank god im off d hook. walaoeh . can some1 continue from where he left ah. hehehe :) *pengsan

ceusm said...

oops.. kena tagged ah..

"in front of the computer and stared into it"... uhmnn gives me a lot of imaginations lar.. kekee.. looking at porn?

confusticated said...

sigh. is this really necessary?

++ Chris ++ said...

Haha, another tag from Def =)