Sexcapade II

*Warning. Another very very explicit entry. You have been warned.

Woke up really late today, thanks to Mc Dave we slept 4.00 AM. Mom woke us up at noon. She practically shouted, "Yong, wake up. Its noon already." The funny bit is that Mc Dave and I share the same last name so he was a bit disoriented when my mom woke us up. Reminded him of his mom. Hehehe. So we got up and went straight to shower. Not both of us at the same time. We went to Ampang for the Yong Tau Foo shop called Hong Hong Restaurant. Really delicious food and it only cost us RM26. See, soo much better than Bukhara. Bah.

After lunch, we went to Jaya Jusco to get some groceries and also Carrefour to get even more groceries. Well not that much really. Just a bit here and there. In Carrefour, there was one female promoter thought that Mc Dave was my big bro... I don't see the resemblance really.

P: These two are your sons?
Mom: No la. This is my son (me.) and this is his friend. (Mc Dave.)
P: Is it? But they look like brothers.
Mom: Hahah. Ya, I also wish that have a "kai zai" (God son.) like him. Hhaha.

Very very bizarre responce don't you think?

Then we headed back. Didn't do much at home really. Mc Dave did some studying and took a short nap while I was doing some studying of my own and DOTA. But later at about 6.00 PM my parents went out for "pasar malam". Mc Dave and I had an early dinner but halfway through the meal, we realised that we could have showered together when my parents left. Too late now. Heheh. Somehow, after the meal, we got a little naughty in my room. We started fourplaying with each other and things got really heated up. He wanted me to do him. I obliged and took the lub and condom from my box of forbidden stuff. I
put the condom on and lubed myself. I first fingered him to loosen him up before I enter. I started with one finger then two then three. Feeling that it was sufficiently loose, I slowly entered him. I managed to enter him and fucked him awhile but we heard my parent's car door shut. They were back and downstairs... Mc Dave freaked out and quickly told me to pull out. I did but as I was pulling out, my room door flung open. There wasn't anybody but because the main door in my apartment opened, the pressure difference cause my room door to flung open. I quickly shut it and cleaned up. Phew... Close encounter really. Heheh.

Later in the evening, Mc Dave did a little more studying while I was DOTAing. After that he stopped and I started doing my work. It took me three hours to finish my work and he just sat on my bed and stared at me work. Apparently its very interesting to see me concentrate. Maybe its his fetish... Then we had a chat about us. Yes the "US" chat. It was alright. We shared our feelings and opened up to each other. So that was really nice. We hugged and kissed, enjoying the time together.

Neither Mc Dave or I remembered what prompted us to fuck the brains out of each other or how it started but we did. I can't remember the details much but it was the best I've had. I remember he did me first with "Doggie Position" and the "Lie on the back position" way but he didn't came. Then he asked me to do him again since we had to abort this evening. So I did but only the
"Lie on the back position". I did him long and hard and he was moaning rather loudly. I got very very naughty and inserted one finger first then another while doing him. He moaned even more and gotten more excited. Soo excited that he came. I never made my ex came while doing him. What an achievement for me as a top. :P I kept on doing him until I came.

I'm actually a skeptic about achieving orgasm solely by being fucked but now that I have withnessed it, I guess it must be true. :)

Again, we slept at 4.00 AM. Heheh. Rough night I say.

-Live Long & Prosper


MrBunnyBan said...

Oooo, sizzling. But you already knew that. :)


joshua said...

i am first again


ceusm said...

yeah being fucked will achieve orgasm also lar ekeke... i been there bfore ekek (ooops)

anyway haha yeah u can hint ur parents tat Dave also wish to be ur kaizhai also but in other way like maybe "son-in-law"? ekekek

confusticated said...

heehee. so explicit that it's cute.

Alex said...

Oh my Zeus....