Jalan-jalan, Cari Makan

Greetings from Melaka or more specifically MrBunnyBan's lair, quite a cosy place actually. I like condos or apartments compared to houses. Not sure why but I like home which is above ground. I have a grand scheme for my current apartment back in KL. I would like to join two units together, break the wall in between and make it into a 2 bedrooms apartment. It basically involves many breaking down walls. Hmmm or maybe I should just get a new apartment/condo/penthouse.

I arrived in Melaka about 3.00 PM and the weather was a bit depressing cause it was drizzling the whole evening and everything was all in different shades of grey. We headed straight to Jonker Street to a shop called Jonker Desserts. This is my second time going there and I love their Assam Laksa and Durian Cendol. Yum yum. (Yikes. Imagine the amount of calories in those food...) We sat there and chatted while enjoying the ambiance of the place but it was rather packed with people. Singaporeans from the look of it or maybe its just KLians.

After that, we had to go cause the parking time limit was an hour but we had no idea what to do to kill time. The solution, DOTA~~~ Heheheh. Two queer nerds really. We should make a clan named, "Queers R Us". Rally up all the queer DOTA players! We played two games in a CyberCafe opposite of my old primary school. Why didn't they have that when I was studying there?! We lost the first game terribly but we won the second game. Heheheh. Great way to kill time.

Then it was time for dinner. We went to a place called Capitol nearby and they are famous for their Satay Celup. Every CNY, we will come down to Melaka and visit our relatives here but after the whole charade of reunion meals, we would go to this shop for Satay Celup. It is said that only Melakans will enjoy Satay Celup. Reasons are still a mystery to me. Buggered if I know. Hehehhe.

So that was day one and now I'm chilling out in his room with all the stuffed toys. Of course, I am also entertaining Mc Dave. Poor baby miss me soo much. I miss you too dear. I hope one day, we can come and visit Melaka.

-Live Long & Prosper


Kyle said...

hmm DOTA... havent touched that for almost three months... sigh.. Eh, two games in an hour ar? waah so fast one? damm pro ler.... my longest game was about an hour and a half.. everyone had headache after that.. lol but we won in the end! muahahahaha... :P

ceusm said...

i rarely play computer games anyway ekekke..

haha anyway actually there's hardly a wall for u to break in a condo.. Every wall in condo mostly as a retaining structure which will affect the stability ekeke.. Dun collapse the apartment ler

I WAN SATAY CELUP... kekeke.. U soo goin to bring me there next month! ekkeke

Alex said...

Wah.... yummy....
didn't tapau for me?