Got tagged by another meme by Koala. Heheh. Took me a long time before I realised I got tagged and here it is.

8 Different Points About Your Perfect Lover
  1. He should like me for who I am. I can't change drastically but small things I can. I am who I am from the experiences I gained throughout the years I am alive.
  2. He should be able to be himself with me. He shouldn't feel as though he has to change for my sake. I love you for who you are not what I think you can be.
  3. He should be able to accept/tolerate my weirdness. I have my drama moments and other annoying moments but hey, I'm human.
  4. He should be able to tell me most of the things about himself. Open up to me and share his thoughts.
  5. He should be able to listen to my thoughts. Maybe a rare thing but when it happens, it happens.
  6. He should be adventerous, not afraid to try out new and thrilling excitement. What's the point of going for a holiday without someone accompanying me?
  7. He should like food and not afraid to try all sorts of food. I love food and I would like to enjoy it with my love one.
  8. He should be able to cook. Don't mind breakfast-in-bed once in awhile. :)
I shall torture the following bloggers with this meme because I love you all~~~ :P

-Live Long & Prosper


MrBunnyBan said...

*Another* meme? That's not fair - I wanted to start a new one myself. ;)

Cybertron said...

wah wat takes u so long ah. yar lar know u so der busy kakaka... but hor, thxs for responding to der meme. ur d 1st ;)

savante said...

Did I just unwittingly get a meme?


Harvey said...


I AM going for a holiday without someone accompanying me.

Oh, I'm tagged again.