Do You Like Pets?

Thinking back, I only had two normal pets and an abnormal pet. When I was living with my aunt during my primary school years, I had fishes as my pets. They were really fun to have and just nice to look at when I was bored. Even though its really easy to take care of, I somehow managed to kill all of them at some point. Then I'll ask for replacements but still they died... I haven't got a clue why. I had many beautiful fishes in my aquarium, decorated with various plants, had many different types of fishes that were so colourful and other manmade decorations like the bubbling treasure chest, marbles and sand.

About this time round, I had a weird pet as well. I had crabs as pets, the kind you'll find in muddy shores. Those tiny ones, brown in colour and had one huge and one small claws. I liked catching them and bringing them back to my room. I will then paint them with my liquid paper and they looked funny being coated in white. I hope it wasn't toxic to them... I liked just looking into their tiny, black eyes and prodding them with my pencil. Heheheh. I do return them back after I was done with them.

Then in my secondary years, form two if my memory serves me right, I had white mice. First I had a male one, I think it was given to me by a friend, but I decided to get him a female white mice to keep him company. The female had a patch on one of its eyes and I called it Patch while the male was Adams. Heheheh. Inspired by the movie Patch Adams. For a week it was only them two in the cage. They were always munching on the nuts and were running on the wheel. Then one day, Patch gave birth to 7 baby mice. They were soo tiny, pinky and cute but fragile. It didn't take long for them to grow big. Another week went by and more baby mice popped up. They sure can breed fast but I didn't keep them long enough to see the third batch of baby mice cause I had to give them away. I was staying in my school hostel by then... I do miss my white mice sometimes. They were very entertaining and cute.

Right now, I have no pets. Mom isn't the pet type of parent. She thinks they bring in flees and bugs into the house, not to mention potential diseases into the house as well... I think if you take care of it, it'll be fine. My parents have been bugging my sis and her husband for grandchildren but they are anti-kids. They don't like them much, in fact they can't stand kids. So solution to that, they got kittens instead. It would be interesting when people ask them how many kids they got cause they'll reply, "Oh, I have two little, cute kittens.". Hhahaahha.

I love cats too more than dog. I don't know why but I have this affinity to cats. I think they're really smart animals, self-sufficient and each has their unique personality. I was reading an article about cats in the newspapers today. The writer was talking about cats are telepathic. They can read human thoughts and send human simple messages like I want to eat without purring. I've seen it few times and I think animals in general have Six Sense abilities. When I get a place to my own, I'll get a cat and I hope my future partner isn't going to be allergic or dislike cats...

-Live Long & Prosper


Patrick said...

I used to keep a millipedes for three days before it died because I dunno what to feed that thing.

++ Chris ++ said...

Me too, likes to keep unusual pets such as tarantula, insects, mice, and even frogs, wakakak. My mom usually just screamed and told me to throw them away.

My Mom: “Aaaack, Chrissss, THROW them AWAY, or I will do it myself!!!!”
Me: “Ahh Mom…look how cute they are.”
My Mom: “What cute?!? I insist! Throw’em!!”

Wakakak, my parents also aren’t the pet type lho…

Cybertron said...

ooo fish... ermmmm edible 1s? kekeke... just kidding la. i had few mollies but breed to hundreds. 3 tanks, 2feet each. 1 silver arowana too. b4 dat i had hamsters in big cages bought n custom build n they had sex everynite in my room till i cant std n sold them off. they eek (sex sound alot). i got 1 red crab n is cute. i oso had 2 dogs. ofcus mum was never approval. she's glad now dat all is gone.

executorlouis said...

I love dogs. I like how they are loyal to you unto death.

"Cherish him well, for he is your protector and your friend, and to him you are his master, leader and the love of his life. He will gladly walk with you to the ends of the earth and keep you safe."

Never fails to melt my heart. =p

MrBunnyBan said...

My mum's a dog person, hence our pets were usually dogs. I was never good at keeping pets myself when I was small though. Heh.

wolveriness said...

Oye, i tink liquid paper can't sip thru da crabs hard shells, so no worries. But, wut?? u catch crabs and bring them home? So meannn :P.
Nvm, ur excused since I eat crabs, hehehe, cheers dear :)