Lazy But Busy Day

Got up rather early this morning... Deng PDA rang at 8.00 AM to remind me of today's event... I forgot to turn off the alarm function. Well I did had a good sleep but still waking up that early in the morning was not fun... I couldn't get back to sleep after that but was literally tossing and turning in bed for hours I did fall asleep after that until noon. Huhuuh.

Had lunch at about one in the afternoon in MrBunnyBan's place but after that we were just feeling lazy... The weather was making us sleepy but I didn't want to sleep. MrBunnyBan slept while I was playing DOTA. :P Hehehh. Love playing DOTA.

At about 4.30 PM, we left for an old folks home in Cheng cause my club organised a Father & Mother's Day celebration. We didn't do much really. Kinda like showing our face there for the sake of pictures and all but we did entertain the people there. It was an interesting experience for me as it was my first time going to an old folks home.

After that, we had our dinner in a mamak shop. I didn't know what to order so I just ordered Roti Telur. It was alright and I had it with mutton curry. The mutton curry was nice and the meat was really tender. After dinner, I thought of joining everyone to go to Jonker's Street cause there's night market there on Fridays and Saturdays but I was rather tired and I could see MrBunnyBan was tired too. So I decided to call it a night and we headed back home.

At home, MrbunnyBan, his brother and me were having a discussion about DOTA. Heheheh. See, nerds... Two queers, a straight guy and DOTA. It really was fun thinking of combos, items, hero abilities and everything about the game. But more importantly, I was able to chat with his brother. Didn't talked much with him yesterday cause he looked at me like he wanted to eat me or something and he sounded a little... How should I put this... Pompous, arrogant and condescending... I guessed he didn't really like me at first sight. Hehehe. Its alright now, I think.

Well off time for me to go to bed. Very tired and I'm heading back to KL tomorrow morning... Sigh. I wish that I am in Melaka for a little longer to get to know MrBunnyBan more... Not going to be able to see him again for a year after July... I hate partings and goodbyes cause they make me emotional.

-Live Long & Prosper


Kyle said...

Aah, so sweet.. dota brings people together! ^_^

MrBunnyBan said...

It wasn't just the DotA. My brother loves a good audience, which Defiant is. Defiant's pretty much cracked the code to dealing with him. :)

Hey, we're meeting again on *Monday*. No need emotional lar. Though it was a nice hop over. :)

Alex said...

Wow..... nice! Long time didn't play DotA....
See you soon dude!