22 Years & A Day Old

I'm really excited to be a year older. This means I have about another year till I graduate and enter the working world. I can't wait to be independent and have a job of my own and can take care of myself. That what this internship has taught me and I learned so much more of the corporate world from my boss. Of course there are somethings that I don't agree on how he does things but its all good. He taught me things that other interns do not learn about.

That's all good an all. But I found several things that are shocking. Its as shocking as when human discovered that the Earth was not flat or that the Earth actually orbits the Sun.

So what's so shocking that I discovered? I discovered FINE LINES on my face. *sob sob. I'm too young to have fine lines. Oh how can this be... I need botox injection then I'll have smooth perfect face. I'll have the same expression on my face for all my expressions but heck, its worth it no? It worked for Janice Dickinson. Nevermind if I can't move my facial muscles right as long as I'm fabulous. Heheheh.

Accompanied with fine lines on my face were white hairs... They are annoying buggers. Its not my black hair that turns gray then white. Its new fine hairs that grow white and its so hard to pluck it off. *grrrr Maybe I should dye and highlight my hair. I wonder what colour I should do. Hmmmm... But they're rather pricey... RM188 for cut, dye, highlight and I'm not sure if treatment is included.

-Live Long & Prosper


William said...

Fine lines. Limp dick. White hair. :P. Worry less. You'll look younger and feel more fabulous. Dye hair ah...? Hehe. Don't too yellow k? And really get a treatment if you do it. Curly + Dry = Bad Hair Day.