Happy Birthday To Me

*phone vibrates by the pillow*

Where you are the one, the one that lies close to me.

Whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly."

I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.

That there's no place else I could be but here in your arms.



*blink blink

OH its my birthday today~~~ Dem I have to work... Sigh. Wake up. Fiddle on the keyboard and mouse. Click click click type type type. Read messages saying "Happy Birthday" from everyone. Thanks people.

Suddenly I hear a voice in my head, "Once you're 20, 30 will come in a flash.". *grumble grumble... Deng that stylist of mine.

Anyhow, went to shower, dried myself, styled my hair (oh soo leng chai), moisturized my skin, squirt many squirts of Oceanus and put on my contacts. Of course put on cloths. I wasn't planning to go nude today even though its my birthday and all. Its not like the police will understand me being nude in public just because its my birthday. Though I would love to since everyone is demanding me to strip...

Went to work all pumped up with energy and excitement. Party party. Woot woot. Yep, I celebrated my birthday in my office. Every month on every floor is allocated RM200 for a birthday celebration. So happened that my floor only has like 20 people or so, I was the only one born this month. So basically, happy birthday to me~~~

La faghag ordered Tiramisu cake from a bakery nearby and it was so yummy. Its got "Happy Birthday " on it and its covered with nuts. I love nuts. Yummy. I love cream too. Double yummy. It was really nice when everyone on the floor started singing Happy Birthday. By protocol, the CEO of the company has to be present for it and he did turn up. First guy to pop in too. He gives a certain aura of command yet compassionate. I respect him a lot.

For lunch, we ordered Domino's Pizza. I love Domino's. They've got the best topping and crust compared to PizzaHut... We had like four large pizzas, two banana kaya dessert pizzas, two bread sticks and three bottles of drinks. It was a nice lunch with everyone munching here and there and chat here and there. It was definitely a first for me to celebrate in a company.

In light of "the rubber piece" that fell off from the sole, I got my mom to go Avenue K to go shoe shopping. Hehehhe. Took me a while to browse through all the shoes they have there in Metrojaya and managed to reduce them to three choices. One from Pierre Cardin, another Renoma and the last Abermain (or something like that.). Tried all of them but chose the Pierre Cardin. Its so comfortable to wear and its so light. Though it didn't have the click clack sound when I walk on hard floor. Deng but its lovely.

Lovely pair of shoes. I love it.

I had a sudden craving for la mien after buying the shoes. Must be the leather smell. So we went to Shanghai Ten and I love the la mien there. I had the dumpling soup la mien while my mom only had the vege one. I ordered the durian pancake as well. I just love the durian pancake. So delicious and creamy.

Durian Pancake from Shanghai Ten.

And that was how my day went by. Pretty fun I say.

Not forgetting of course, gifts from Derek and William. In fact, I got these when Derek was here. I got a nice t-shirt and a super skanky underwear. The shirt you can see it well in the pic but not the underwear. The underwear is basically all mesh except the front where there's a tiny cloth covering it. Why not just all mesh hmm? Thanks guys. I have yet to wear the underwear. Saving it for a rainy day?

Awesome t-shirt and kinky underwear.

-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

EEEEP!!! Durian pancake!

William said...

Mesh won't help on a rainy day. Perhaps on a hot and steamy day! Haha. The t is a souvenier from my trip la... :P