Pink Monday

Sigh. Had to go to work today... I think its stupid. Smack in the middle of a potentially long and lazy weekend off till Wed and what do they do? Ruin it and force us intern to go to work. *sob sob Luckily my colleagues came to work too so that wasn't so bad. Misery loves company.

I just realized that every Monday is a Pink Monday for me. I'll wear my favorite pink stripe shirt to fend off the Blue Monday syndrome. Seems to be working. Hehehe. I need to get more pink cloths. I reckon if there's a mascot for pink, I'll be it. Hahhaha. I know self praise is no praise right? Or as we all call it, "Perasan".

Oh well, back to playing online mahjong, which does not involve me stripping in anyway.

-Live Long & Prosper


cleo weiland said...

If there was someone who could totally rock a pink outfit and keep his masculinity, it would be you.

Is that the same pink shirt you wore at the Speakathon? It does look good on you.

Just stay clear of fluorescent pink. Even women should be banned from wearing those. Oh my eyes!!

Btw, you sure you don't wanna play strip mahjong? What if the guy on the other hand is HOT? Use the webcam :P You never know haha!