Auf Wiedersehen

I cried today when I was out with McDave eating dinner in Food & Tea, Time Square... One minute I was laughing, chatting and the next thing I knew, a tsunami of sadness hit me and I felt as though I was drowning. The only time I felt this sad was during the breakup. Actually the breakup was worst.

I really hate partings. They almost always make me cry and its the worst feeling ever. Imagine every minute of your time spent with someone and you're very fond of them. Everyday is a great time when they're around you then comes the day you'll have to part with them.

Why am I talking about partings and cried? Today at five in the evening, my internship contract ended... Eight months has come to an end. It was a happy parting and everyone in the department were happy together for once. I'm going to miss them so much. They taught me so much and took care of me and la faghag real well like a nine members family.

Yesterday, they threw us a farewell lunch which I didn't make it on time to attend due to the medical drama and they got us presents. So sweet of them. La faghag got accessories from Essences and I got a bracelet from Philosophy. Both of us also got a project jacket.

I stuff from Philosophy!

Today, our boss bought us dim sum lunch buffet in Crown Princes. It was alright not the best dim sum since there weren't any pork served. Spent two hours eating and listening to my boss's stories. He's always been the fatherly and zen type of a person.

Not to mention, I won't be able to bug Leggie no more... Every morning, I'll email him and we'll just chat throughout the whole day. Hehhehe as though he has no work to do. Well thanks for everything Legs, it's been fun.

-Live Long & Prosper


Inaesb said...

Leaving already? :( now that your internship is over ,when are you going to come visit me?? :)

coolgardy said...

All good things will come to an end, but thank goodness, its not the permanent ending will go on with more stories and more casts in your life story...

Ah-Bong said...

at least there's still this thing called "internet". get a time and a place known and u guys can still meet in person wat. all the best queer!~

Queer Ranter said...

Inaesb: How about you come help me shift things back to my campus eh? That way we'll see each other. Hhehhe.

Coolgardy: Yep yep. This chapter closes and another opens.

Bong: Hey there welcome. True to internet. Just email em I guess. :)