Yummy Food

There's a Chinese proverb saying Chinese people eat anything with its back facing the Sun. That's literally everything on Earth you can think of and I am incline to agree. I've heard stories from my parents' trip to China last year. Apparently, all restaurants will have some sort of a mini zoo outside of the restaurant and patrons choose what they wish to be on their dining table for the night.

I had my fair share of adventurous eating. At the age of ten, I had my first snake porridge. Snakes surprisingly taste like chicken. Everything about the meat is exactly the same as chicken. Initially, my dad tricked me into believing that it was chicken porridge. I believed him until I found the snake scales at the bottom of my bowl. I continued eating it till the last drop of porridge.

About the same age as well, I discovered how delicious frog legs fried in butter with garlic is. It is the most succulent, sweet, tender meat I've ever tasted. It is like eating chicken drumlets but the texture resembles the smoothest fish meat in the sea. Frog legs porridge is nice too but I prefer it fried with butter and garlic.

I've always avoided eating raw oysters. I think they stink and have a rather disgusting during and after taste. The look of it is also rather disturbing. No amount of garnishing will make it look edible. I don't know exactly when I started loving raw oysters and I am hooked on oysters. Bring me to a buffet with oyster bar and you'll see me finishing plates after plates of oysters. I probably just have nibbles of the other food on the counter.

Having said some of the 'exotic' (mild) things I've eaten, there are things I will never eat like McDonald's special sets that they keep churning out everytime there's a new movie out. First Shrek and now Surf's Up. I can't bring myself to eat that ultra radioactive green goo Shrek meal nor will I touch bright ultra violate blue Surf's Up meal with a ten foot pole either.

Just look at that blue...

Don't it look like nuclear waste?

Colour blind as I am, I still can see how violently vibrant, full of chemical and artificial colouring those two sets contain. I just can't imagine me eating them. I'm fair enough as it is, I don't need to turn myself into a walking rainbow with all the colours in the visible light spectrum spread through my skin. As if I need to reaffirm myself as a gay boy eh.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ryan said...

Oyster?! Yucks! Not for me. I don't really like seafood.

McDonalds!!! Ultra violate blue or green look ok for me. Looking at them I have the feeling of fresh and cold!

Refreshing! Rejuvenating! Reliving!? Aiks, sounds familiar?!

savante said...

I eat them all! Muahahaha. From bats to monitor lizards, from worms to locusts.

adrien said...

the blue drink is actually rather good. it has pineapple chunks! try closing your eyes and drink. :p

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: You know what they say about eating oysters. If you can eat it you can swallow. :P I think its a load of bull.

Savante: Why am I not surprised?

Adrien: *gasp A clean comment from you!

Janvier said...

Hmmm we started oysters during one of them family dinners at Jakes. And it's been a set constant at our such dinners since - we loves the oysters with a dash of lemon and a pinch of salt.

If McDonald's had the stuff in violent PINK then how?

William said...

They should just use the industrial names next time. Brilliant Blue Happy Meal. Sunset Yellow McValue.

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Yep yep. I would fill 3/4 of my stomach capacity with oysters. :P Make my money worth. Heheheh.

William: Hahahaha. Sounds like Nippon paints...

coolgardy said...

I love raw oysters too, but after consuming them, I feel extra horny! As for other exotic wildlife animals, yes, I have had my share too, but to think of it, there is one item that still make me feel having goose bumps are escargots...dunno why.

The new set meals by McDs...dun really like them!