Lion King Returns

Finally, after hours and hours of traveling to campus, cleaning and unpacking my stuff, its all done now. My body is so tired right now but I still have my internship report to do. Good thing I am feeling up for it to finish it.

I'm really happy with myself. I managed to cut down on quite a number of unwanted things to bring to campus. As a result, it only occupied the space at the back of Toyota Unser. Woot woot.

All my stuff that I need.

McDave came with me and my mom to help out with the shifting and cleaning. So sweet of him. Love my dearest, strong He-man baby. The room was like usual, dirty and dusty. Took hours to get the dusty feeling of my feet by mopping constantly.

Anyhow, besides the dust and all, I love the room a lot. Its got lots of shelves for me to put my stocked up stuffs and the designs are rather well planned. I didn't really liked it at first but when I started unpacking, it was brilliant. I love my shelf spaces.

Don't really like the bed much. Its much thinner and smaller compared to my last room. Oh well, I'll just have to live with it. Rat rat, Teddy and the gang (Yes I brought them along) are settling fine.

My little bed.

The view is rather nice at night actually. I like having my desk directly in front of the window, allows me to rest my eyes from time to time. Not to mention, direct fresh air! Fresh air mixed with my BodyShop aroma burner. What a great mix don't yea think?

Me desk with the aroma burner.

Room window view.

Busy semester looms but no worries, ranting will still go on.

-Live Long & Prosper


Chester said...

Rant, which campus u studying?

Fable Frog said...

are u sharing the room or having it all to your self? ya nice view~ i am so gonna miss the view of my room now once i moved out~! phuh~~

Queer Ranter said...

Chester: Hehehhe. Wouldn't you like to know. :)

Fable: Sharing with a roomie. I'm sure there's other "views" to see. :P

adrien said...

which campus? oh i know i know! *raises hand high in the air ala miss granger* :p

i strictly asked for a farewell party u bitch. hmph.

Chester said...

zha dou..bitch -_-||

Wooo behave urself o.O..dun scare away ur roomie

Queer Ranter said...

Adrien: Wah so smart one hmmm? Yer... Kene bitch pulak.

Chester: Scared my roomie off? He's also a fag la. Pity he's not my cup of tea.

-C said...

I was going to post a comment about how amazingly 'dorm' your place looks, and ask how you were settling in, but the Ms. Granger comment threw me for a loop and now I can't focus.

Chester said...

Hmm fag means?

Ryan said...

Sigh... I really miss my university's life. Darn darn darn! Why you remind me of that?!

Chester said...

rant is evil to remind people..muhahaha!

Queer Ranter said...

C: Hahahah. You're really something.

Chester: Fag = gay = PLU = Queer

Ryan: I didn't. You just happened to read about it. :P

Chester: I'm not evil. Just bitchy. Hhehehe. :P

-C said...

The book is seriously fantastic.