Got my topic for my Final Year Project (FYP) sorted out. Actually, I've never been this 'kiasu' in my life before. I attended a talk on Polymer Research by BASF R&D President and my potential FYP lecturer happened to be there as well. Once the lecture ended, I literally ran to catch him.

His topics are rather interesting. Neural networks in some processes in a refinery and Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Organic and Inorganic compound properties along with some other four topics. I picked the GUI topic since I'm interested in programing stuff for my FYP.

Basically, I am to write a program in Matlab software of a database of all the Organic and Inorganic compound properties. Kind of like a reference book in a software format. All conceivable properties should be included. Sounds easy enough but it is a lot of work.

For starters, I'll have to learn from scratch how to use Matlab. I actually stepped into the library and borrowed a book for the first time in so many years. I don't like the library much. I'd rather do my work in my room in front of my computer. Anyhow, there's a thesis that is similar to my topic. Need to get a hand on that to look at the codings as a reference.

Sounds like loads of fun. I hope I can complete it under two semesters so I can concentrate on other stuff in my final semester.

I can't believe I'm a final year student already. Never in my wildest dream I would survive this forsaken wasteland.

-Live Long & Prosper


William said...

Programming and graphics. Brrr... dangerous combination. Better study up. Good luck!

-C said...

You better not involve me in this.

adrien said...

final year student know what this means? you're old. :p

Queer Ranter said...

William: Matlab for Idiots should help right? :P

C: Not this time, unless I need to market this software. :P

Adrien: Well I gotta get older someday. Heheheh. You're final year too aren't you?

adrien said...

eekz limkokwing's rather screwed, that i'm techinically a second year (BA) hons student. but i'm in the final year diploma modules and classes. my results are degree though. wtv la. screw limkokwing.

Bibik Nyonya said... wish to drop a nice comment here but if only you can type in engrish...lolz

Jason said...

Em... good luck dude ;)

Queer Ranter said...

Adrien: That is screwed up...

Bibik: Aiyo this bibik... So random. Heheh

Jason: Thanks. :)

-C said...

Matlab for Dummies... hahaha

cleo weiland said...

OoH FYP topics. Good luck then! You'll be really lucky if you can finish it all under 2 semesters.

It just dawned on me that there's only 3 batches above mine..dang! By the way, describing campus as a forsaken only the tip of the iceberg :P

Welcome back!

Ryan said...

Never done any programming on GUI myself except with Java applet. But that was like so easy. Yours is just too difficult. Perhaps that's not my kind of 'vegetable'.

FYP has long gone for me. I got an A!!! I wish you got an A or better! Lotsa lucks to you!