Civilization Here I come

Barely a week and I'm already heading to KL today. Hehehe. Need some doses of civilization and polluted air in my system. I can't wait to go back. Will be leaving late evening I guess. La faghag has an appointment with her lecturer after lunch...

My trip down to KL isn't a leisure trip unfortunately. I have several things that I need to get from home. Gotta get my UPSR result slip to prove that I have never studied Mandarin to attend my Mandarin class that I'm taking as a Humanity Elective. So annoying.

The next item on my list is a portable hard drive, Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 to be precise. I think its about time that I get myself one to backup all my photo and perhaps songs as well along with my project stuff.

And lastly, secondhand textbooks. I'm really trying to avoid buying the firsthand textbooks. They cost too much. I'd even like it if I can photostat it.

Perhaps I can try to squeeze some time to meeting some bloggers in KL. Will have to see how things go.

By the way, McDave comes back from Bangkok tonight. Yey, I'm so happy.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Have a pleasant joruney then :)

William said...

External HDD for project documents and photo backup konon.... porno leh tu... kekeke

Ryan said...

Photostated textbook? I still prefer original textbook, even though I am well aware they are freaking expensive. But I love original textbook. Felt good even holding it.

OK, fine. I admit. I am a book-maniac!

Inaesb said...

Ala..balik tak ajak keluar pun... :(

conan_cat said...

ehh, i'm sure you can enjoy yourself here and there a little! :P so how's ur kl trip hmm?

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Thanks. :)

William: For porn no need. Still have ample space. Its those who wants it from me who needs the external. Hehhe.

Ryan: I'm not fussed about my boring engineering textbooks really.

Inaesb: Sorry la brother. Got plans here and there. Next time lo. :P

Conan: KL trip was good. Had some fun here and there too. Hehehhe.