Fabulous Day

Today is definitely my day despite the ever more noticing eye bags and dark circles forming around my eyes from the lack of sleep I've been getting since last week. Busy weekends meeting people and all is taking a toll on me but its all good since I'm leaving soon back to campus anyways. Enough about that, back to my fabulous day that I had today.

Work was really boring today with nothing to do except clerical work. I spent half the time trying to stay awake due to the lack of sleep on Monday night. Then came lunch time and I checked my email from my phone. Oh a comment by Khalel, what a pleasant surprise. I thought it was just another comment then this popped up.

Queer AwardG* Spot Award

Gasp! Me nominated as one of the G* Spot Finalist!

Beyond my wildest dreams that my little fabulous queer blog would be nominated. A little recognition is good for the amount of effort I try to make this blog oh-so-fabulous. I'll leave it to the readers to decide if this blog is worthy of the best blog of the month.

Now the most juicy juicy part of the post. I got a new bag! Its from Zara and it's only RM130! So cheap and I love the bag so much. It's so fabulously fabulous. It was love at first sight. I fell in love with it when I first lay my eyes on it yesterday. I didn't get it yesterday cause I was worried that it wouldn't go with all my outfits (yes I was being a real woman about the bag).

So today, I dragged la faghag to Zara, KLCC and asked for her opinion. We couldn't find it at first and I remembered it being the last bag on display but I forgotten how the bag looked like (I couldn't believe it myself). Searched high and low for it but couldn't find it. Then Sam came to the rescue. He spotted it being displayed behind the cashier.

My lovely bag~~~

I am saved!

Immediately got the bag from the shelf and held it like Gollum, "My precious...".

As if I need anything else to embrace my fagness, this bag will serve as a beacon to lost fag souls in the sea of heterosexuals. Come my fags, come to me. Hehehhee.

I LOVE my bag!

-Live Long & Prosper


Bibik Nyonya said...

Congrats on finding your new love! Zara plak tuh...tak kalah orang! Ha ha ha!

adrien said...

oh great. now a bag for a beacon. if pink shirts and saleguys weren't enough. -_-

and didn't i say i wanted to get it for you for your birthday? oh well. :p

Queer Ranter said...

Bibik: Aiya. Zara je I can afford. The others with door, I can't even afford to push the door...

Adrien: Well you can get me a pink shirt that I spotted in Zara today. :P

William said...

A manbag? Handy to keep that dildo, tube of lube and Creme de LaCum for those dark eye circles...

khalel said...