Hidden Talent

Have you ever wondered if you've got a hidden talent or a knack of doing something? I'm sure everyone's got something that they're really good at but never really give much thought about it? I certainly have a talent in computer related things but yet here I am doing Chemical Engineering.

Here's an inspiring story if a humble mobile sales person, Paul Potts who turns out to be an amazing opera singer. This is from Britain's Got Talent show back in 2003. Truly amazing story and everytime I hear him sing, it makes me want to cry and hairs on the back of my neck just stand up.

Here is his audition.

And here is his finale performance.

Amazing performance. Just shows that anything can happen in life if we just give it a go.

Anyhow, I've always wanted to write a proper program since the first time I laid my hands on C++. Now I've a chance to do so for my Final Year Project. There are a number of programing and simulation topics that interests me. Not really keen with labs or tonnes of technical literature research. I'd rather do something hands on and computer related. I'm going to see my lecturer now actually to get more details about it.

Wish me luck~~~

-Live Long & Prosper


Ryan said...

Oh, programming is not really my talent nor interest yet I am now working as a programmer.

Hidden talent? I am a piano player.

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: You're a pianist?! I love a man who can play instruments, music instruments that is. :P

coolgardy said...

All the best, as for my hidden talent, I'm good at cooking. :)