Degree In What?!

My brother in law gave me a link to an interesting article today. Finally, the oldest profession might soon have degree course structured. Imagine when asked what's your qualification in an interview. Heeheh.

What would it be called though? Degree in Prostitution sounds a little straight forward don't you think?

Here's the article from the site.

Now for a degree in prostitution?

July 18, 2007 - 2:11PM

Funding for tertiary courses in prostitution could be considered under changes aimed at boosting quality and relevance in the sector, New Zealand education officials say.

But MPs on parliament's education and science select committee were told today that although courses in the world's oldest profession might be considered if providers put them forward, they would still have to meet tight criteria to get funding.

The questions on prostitution, posed by New Zealand First MP Brian Donnelly, surfaced as MPs were quizzing Tertiary Education Commission officials on changes to how tertiary education was funded.

Under the changes, from next year, institutions will be bulk funded on the basis of agreed three-year plans rather than on the number of students enrolled in specific approved courses.

Tertiary Education Minister Michael Cullen has said the changes are aimed at increasing the "quality and relevance" of courses.

However, they have raised questions regarding the TEC's actual control over individual courses.

National Party education spokeswoman Katherine Rich said she was concerned by the TEC's apparent "agnostic" attitude towards the content of courses under the new system.

She questioned whether it might lead to a continuing proliferation of courses such as twilight golf seen under the old system.

TEC chief executive Janice Shiner said under the new system a request to provide prostitution courses would be assessed against the same criteria as any other course.


Now where do I sign up and what's the curriculum like for this course?

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

You. Want. To. Sign. Up. To. Learn. How. To. Be. A. Prostitute?

Jason said...

Thanks dear for linking my blog to yours!

Em... prostitution need to be learn ah?

adrien said...

oh good la! with that PHd of yours in being a skank, you'd pass with flying colours. lol.

p/s: u know i'm just kidding kan? its this blog of yours, really. its the pink. :p

coolgardy said...

Maybe they are having a degree or masters on the finer art of blow job?

-C said...

Repeat after me:

A Companion is allowed to choose her own clients.

A Companion is allowed to take clients of the same sex as herself

A Companion must have a yearly physical examination

A Companion must not be a bitch

Life Cafez said...

Huh? Such a degree? *fainted* Well, probably they will teach you the RIGHT and ETHICAL way to get clients and not snatching other's people clients? Teach you how to put on condoms? As well as BUSINESS STRATEGY? Some more do construct book keeping for your income and expenses? My goodness... :P

conan_cat said...

i can imagine...

text book of 1st sem: Karma Sutra

practical examination: access how many fake orgasms you can do within 2 horus

theory examination: sensitive spots of the human anatomy and hormone stimulation

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Why not? Make double degree a fun combination. Engineering and Prostitution. :P

Jason: *shrugs Ask the New Zealanders

Adrien: Hahhaha. PHD = Pornography Higher Degree. Bet you didn't know that. :P

Coolgardy: Waakkakak. Finer Art of Blow Job. Hehehehe.

C: HHahahahah. A Companion. Firefly rulez~~~

Life: Hahaah. A whole new curriculum. I should start a queer school of queers eh. :P

Conan: I like the practical. Now where can I find attachments for my practicals...

Ryan said...

Ermm... who is the dean? Can I submit my resume to the school. I think I prefer to teach! All those naughty students must be well-taught!

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: You wanna teach them The Art of Sadism and Masochism?

-C said...

I can see the curriculum now...

Accounting I
Communicative English
French I
French II
Cultural Anthropology
Business Management I
French III
Anatomy I
Psychology I
Marketing I
Anatomy II
Psychology II
French IV

Queer Ranter said...

C: A wholesome curriculum there. Perfect. Now we need funding for it. :P