A Little More Shopping

A miracle happened in campus while I was away for a semester. Apparently now has wireless broadband connections throughout the campus. Its about freaking time! Though I am skeptical of the reliability and the bandwidth of each user. None the less, as long as I get to use my MSN, I guess I'm alright with it.

Obviously, to access the WIFI connection I will need a WIFI adapter for my desktop and I got it today in Low Yat. Tadaa behold my connection to the rest of the world!

Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter. Amazingly super easy to use and portable too. Since it does not require any physical installation into the computer, it can be extended with a USB cord to position itself to receive maximum signal. Perfect for my usage and super cheap. RM98 per pop.

This is the packaging.

Here's the actual adapter.

Installation was a breeze. Just pop in the CD, install and follow the instructions. No fuss and mess. I just tried it out and it works. There's only one detectable wireless router but its locked... Deng it.

Besides that, I got mom to buy two more shirts for me. Hehehhe. One from PDI and another from People's. I really like the clothes they have in People's and the branch in People's are going to renovate the shop. You know what that means. SALE! I got the shirt for 50% off. Love it.

I love the colours of the shirt from People's.

The PDI shirt is kinda funky. Light blue stripes and some wordings at the back. Though I think the clothes are getting more and more expensive. This shirt cost RM71 after discount... The shirt from People's is only RM56... Sigh...

The PDI shirt.

Wanted to shop in Seed since two bloggers went with great buys but I forgot Mid Valley's outlet is closed for renovations... So sad. I think I should stop shopping for clothes. Heheheh.

Last note.


-Live Long and Prosper


Bibik Nyonya said...

Oooh...i got a great bargain from seed also! 50% tau! You must go also....you'll never know what goodies you'll find. Ha ha ha!

Queer Ranter said...

Bibik: I went de but didn't see anything I want lo... Hopefully this Friday, Isetan Member Sales will yield me something. :P