ISETAN Member Sale

Sale sale sale!

Yes, ISETAN Member Sale is back! Woot woot. This made me very happy considering that tomorrow I shall be exiled to Mystical Notroh Woods. Just as Jesus and his thirteen Apostles had their Last Supper, I had my last shopping spree and sense civilization (basically being in really really tall buildings). Not to mention, last ogling at all the beautiful specimens of boys.

I am gonna miss this place.

I didn't get much from the sales actually. I only got a pair of jeans (unexpected but it was too gorgeous to not buy it.) and a belt to match from Seed. I love this pair of jeans a lot cause it is super low cut, lovely colour and fits me perfectly. I love the red stripe on the belt and the buckle is really nice too. Cute Seed guy was there and we spoke. *gasp I nearly fainted when he opened his mouth.

New jeans and belt to match.

Here's a little more picture of the sales in ISETAN.

Sales in Key Ng.

More sales in Padini.

Here is a cutie cashier. So sweet, funny and well mannered.

I was looking for shirts but I couldn't find a perfect fitting shirt. I can wear the shirts from Seed, which are dem fitting but not too fitting to reveal much of my flaws. Just that its a little uncomfortable wearing it even though I look absolutely fabulous in them. I shall lose more weight. Till then, no Seed shirt for me just yet.

Polo shirts are still obscenely expensive...

With no shirts in my shopping bags, I proceeded to Kinokuniya to buy some more books to stock up. I'm running out of books to read. So I got these two books, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami and The Little Prince by Antoine Exupery.

Two more books into my mini library of books.

-Live Long & Prosper


Chester said...

Aiyooo so good u can go.

I also receive the catalogue. Sigh! 3 days sales!1 st is the best!

Fable Frog said...

Why u almost faint when the SEED guy open his mouth?? He didn't brush teeth meh? and that cashier name is Quiz and he is so mine~!!! lay your hands off him!! lol!!

Ryan said...

Aiks! How come the cashier look so much like me?! My twin?! No!! Mommy never told me I have a twin brother. Hahaha... But at first glance, he really look like me myself. Scary! And no, I never work in Isetan before. So that's definitely NOT me.

Anyway, SALE so what? No money no talk! Sigh...

Queer Ranter said...

Chester: True but I didn't get much... Oh well.

Fable: *gasp! You know his name even from the picture?! I demand an explanation! Such a funny name though. I was confused when I saw it for the first time.

The Seed guy made my knees weak la when he spoke. :P

Ryan: Hahahha. Looks like you ah. Oooo. Now I feel like courting you. Hehehhehe.

Chester said...

ok, so how many guys working at seed there? which one u mean make ur knees weak?

later i go kepok first =)

coolgardy said...

Spoken like a true shopper whore.. :)

U nearly fainted when the cute SEED guy talked to you? Why? Bad breath? it makes me wanna go to Isetan to just gawk at the guys u mentioned.

Queer Ranter said...

Chester: There are two or three guys working if I'm not mistaken but the one I like is fair and wears black frame glasses.

Coolgardy: Not bad breath la. He speaks well and lovely luscious lips. :P

Chester said...

yaya ok..tomorow i go KLCC

Fable Frog said...

Oh the one wearing black frame glasses issit~~~ hmmm kinda know him too~~ he has the best body among the rest!!! hahaha u didn't expect got another stalking shopper besides you leh~ now u know u got competitor!! LOL! I know the cashier name from the name tag actually~~ haha i remember coz it is unique!! Ryan~ gasp! u look like him issit? then you are mine too!!! muahahaha

Queer Ranter said...

Chester: Have fun~~~

Fable: You kinda know him too!? How do you know his body is cun? Spill spill.

Chester said...

Go find out who is plu =)

Fable - share it u noe his body is cun unless u...