Busy Student?

I love my new semester's timetable cause its got lots and lots of empty spaces. I guess it is expected when you're in Final Year. I'm glad though but at the same time two major projects running concurrently is gonna be a pain in the ass.

Totally free on Friday and I only have a class on Monday at four which is Mandarin. That means super long weekends for me to do my work and if need be, go down to KL. It doesn't look like a schedule for a person taking 20 credit hours but I guess the workload will be the projects.

Lots of white spaces. I like.

The Mandarin class that I'm taking for my elective teaches really simple Mandarin. I feel like I'm in nursery school learning Mandarin from scratch. I'll just have to bare with it. Hopefully I can get a distinction from this subject. Its got an oral test and a 80 words essay exam. Gonna practice what to write for my essay. Something along the line, "My name is... I like... I am...". Hehehhe.

Good news thus far is that my roomie is in my team for Final Year Design Project. That makes 50% of the group consisting of fag boys. Hehhehehe. We shall design our plant a pink producing product plant. A little pink feathered boa here and there and sprinkle some fairy dust here and there as well.


-Live Long & Prosper


William said...

A pink reactor. Sequins. Rhinestones. Haha.

Ryan said...

Where is the rainbow colour for your FYP?

Aww... nice timetable. How come working don't have timetable with free slots? All slots full from 9am till 6pm from Monday to Friday! :(

Imeku said...

Is that engineering faculty? I wonder how come I don't have so much free slots then. Darn!

Queer Ranter said...

William: Heheheh. Such a gay plant I'll have.

Ryan: Hahhaha. Studying is full time work leh.

Imeku: Hehehhee. Only applies to Final Year student I guess. :P

savante said...

20 credit hours is a holiday with some part-time classes. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Savant: Normally its not the lectures that kills you, its the labs and tutorials that fills up the schedule.

Jason said...

Oh, that's nice. Enjoy your free time before starting to work! :D

Bibik Nyonya said...

aiyoh...you call 20 hours a holiday?? Kau tau....in my final semester...i only did 12 hours. I cleared the rest already. Got time to work some more. Jangan jeles....ha ha ha!

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Doubt its actually free time. Its work in disguised as free time.

Bibik: Wah! So envious... But its ok la. Going to finish de. :)