Random. Random is used to express the lack of order, purpose, cause or predictability in non-scientific parlance. Sounds like me alright. Thinking back, I've said many random things and people will just start rolling on the floor laughing. Not stupid things but just totally random.

Alex was passing me two MP3s of a CD he bought from EBay and I was complaining the fact that he was only giving me two MP3s. Just a sample he said... Bah.

Then I typed,


This is like making me feel your crotch but not letting me have sex with you...

Hehehe. I know, so random and skanky right?

C has a pretty nice description of this talent I've got. Its called 'Craft Disturbing Mental Images'. There was once, a bunch of us were talking about how soy and lavender can potentially grow man-boobs for those men who consume too much of soy or use lots of lavender products because of the estrogen hormone in them.

Then I blurted, "Woman beans.".

There was a moment of silence and then everyone laughed. For a split second I didn't know what I said then I joined in the laughter and giggling realising the horrific image I just edged to everyone's mind.

-Live Long & Prosper


William said...

It's a Gift from God.

Laurel Jane said...

Radical Addictive Nonsense Denizen of Malaysia

khalel said...

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Alex said...


Definitely not a gift from God, as claimed by Will. The devil himself, perhaps?

Queer Ranter said...

William: Really?!

Laurel: Hey~~~ Was wondering where you vanished to...

Khalel: *gasp I would like to thank my parents, my fellow friends... Wait nomination only ha... Dem. :P

Alex: You mean mean thing. *smack :P