I Look Upon The Moon And I Wish Upon A Star

It is that time of the month again for me, my uncle visit. Heheheh. I'm just kidding. I am rather satisfied (I'm easily satisfied mind you) with Axcest hotshots these days. Every time there's a new set of hotshots, there's something that I really like. Like the Ultimate Twink and now this one.

Browsing through the new set of hotshots, I found this photo of a lovely couple.

Don't they just look so adorable?

Such a sweet photograph taken and pink shirts on the both of them are just so adorable. The guy being carried is so endearing with his cheeky smile. This reminds me of Justin and Brian from QAF during Justin's prom night. That's so sweet.

Sweetest scene ever!

I shared this photo with La Faghag and she said McDave and I look as sweet as the two in the photo. She even offered to take a photo of us in that pose. Hahhaha. What a lovely thought. I would love to have a photo with my lovely McDave.

Then I felt sad.

Sad because I'm missing my McDave. My lovely sweet man. The person that I really care and love. The person I can proudly call my boyfriend.

I miss his touch.

I miss his warmth.

I just miss him being around me.

Funny how a photo can invoke so many memories of McDave.

The first thing that came to mine is when he was singing karaoke. He's a natural when it comes to singing especially Leo Ku - Jin Ke Ji Qu. A ten minutes medley and McDave can sing it through that ten minutes. I love hearing him sing that song and I always request for it whenever we go to karaoke.

Oh there's so many memories of him flooding my mind now.

Miss him so much.

I'll just look into the night sky and dream away. I'll look at the moon with the hope he's looking at the moon too. I'll wish upon a star that this lovely feeling will last for a long long time to come.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason aka Azzuro Hyperion said...

That's so sweet of you. I'm sure he miss you too.

Look at the bright side: at least you have someone to think and miss ;)

Apollo David said...

So sweet... :)

I can't see the moon from my hostel wo... How? :p

William said...

Yes, very yummy and cute. I wonder if I can carry KH like without throwing my back out. :P

m5lvin said...

I always though you are skanky and kinky only....but man today you sound so sweet.....hahaha

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Yea that is true. For now I shall look at the moon. :P

Apollo: Heheheh. This bi ah. *piak piak What cannot see the moon...

William: Hahhaah. I'm sure he can lift you up. You can always get him to massage you. :P

M5lvin: Wah! Since when did I obtained such status...

pluboy said...

since when??

SINCE the first day we know u frankie... u have always been sweet.. opps.. i mean.. skanky!!