Chocz Party

It has been sometime since I attended a meet with bloggers. Too long indeed, until today. We had a gaythering in Chocz KLCC and boy it was a blast. Pity not many eye candies walked by for us to ogle at but the company of bloggers is enough to make up for that tiny flaw.

It was, in every intention of the word, a sinful place to have a meet. Chocz, calories, sugar and delicious concentrated chocolate. I haven't had such high doses of chocolate in a long while. It did give me some chocolate high for the day.

Stawberry Fondue. Concentrated dark chocolate.

Mixed fondue.

We ordered fondues to be shared amongst ourselves. It was heavenly but brought the slutty-ness, whore-ness and Paris Hilton-ness in all of us. Suffice to say, we cam-whored till Kingdom come. Oh such incriminating photos (send me my photos please).

Now what should I blackmail them with...

It was a blast meeting new bloggers. Now I have a real person to associate with their blogs. No longer a mystery as to who the wizard behind the curtain of the blog.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ryan said...

MY OH MY!!!!


Sorry for yelling! I just couldn't control myself. Anyway, thanks for introducing those sinfully delicious food. I am so gonna try it out!

Chester said...

Hm Queer ar, i already sent the photo that we take at KLCC to Adrian.

I going to sent to you.

adrien said...

whose adrian?

why not adriEn!? hmph. lol

anyway, i totally agree with the "slutty-ness, whore-ness and Paris Hilton-ness". guilty as charged. all of us! lol

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Hahahah. Go go indulge yourself. Its blissful.

Chester: Yey camwhore pics!!!

Adrien: Hahahah. Kasihan got your name wrong pulak. Yep all us fag camwhore and all the whore stuff. :P

Janvier said...

CamClub shall inform when new content is up! Oh the final picture on our camera is ohourgoodness so so salah that screams to be deleted...yet screams blackmail. :P

Jason said...

Pleasure to meet you! Let do this again some other time.

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Let the blackmailing begin~~~

Jason: Lovely meeting you too. :)

Chester said...

give me money or i post you guys photo! muhahahah!

Chester said...

Sorry oh, because i got a friend also almost same name like you. so i get confuse lo >.<