What Do I Do in Lectures?

I'm sure most of you know that I'm an undergrad student. Some may wonder what is it I do especially Paul who went, "OMG. This is not studying. What is this! So many blanks!" when he saw my timetable. So I shall enlighten everyone of what is it that I do in lectures.

In fact, I'll do one better. I'll show you guys pics of what happens in a lecture.

I have two boring subjects this semester, Petroleum Exploration (PE) and Malaysian Studies (MS). The lecturer for PE is all about rocks this, rocks that. How boring (no offence to geologists out there). It is interesting just that its boring at the same time as well. As for MS, its just not really interesting when talking about our country's history again.

The solution is this.


More zzz...

Or we just do our assignments during boring lectures. Hheheheh.

A fine example of multitasking.

As you can see, I love my classes. Its so happening everytime. Heheheh. These photos are only the tip of the iceberg of the things we do. And part of going to lectures is to skip lectures. I'm on my way back to KL again.


-Live Long & Prosper


Ban said...

heh, sounds like undegraduate all right. :P

quicksilverlining said...

i play spider solitaire in almost all my lectures. either the material is blardy boring and i know it already or the lecturer is boring and i'd rather NOT know already. i go there just to make them feel better.

conan_cat said...

wahlao, can sit under the table and sleep somemore! your classmates really geng lor!! how come we don't have tables as big as that XD

interesting post lor hahaha nxt time show us something more than that tip off da iceberg hehe

Ryan said...

Hmm... that lecturer hall looks familiar. Is that "Money Making University"?!

Poor sleeping guy kena captured by your phone!

Queer Ranter said...

Ban: Hahahahah. You ah.

Quicksilverlining: Spider solitaire?! Using your computer?

Conan: Hahahha. That's the control room. Its pitched black and I wanted to test my flash. Huuhuhh.

Ryan: Hahahah. Its not the "Money Making University". :)

Jason said...

So hardworking doing your Mandarin class' homework :P