14 Months & A Day

It has been 14 months that McDave and I have been together. It sure has been a long journey for both of us who have never had a relationship that lasted this long. More so to me because this is the second relationship that I've been in.

I can say it wasn't a smooth ride all the way. We had our fair share of disagreements that lead to a timeout of awhile. I guess we needed some space to think over somethings. Space to breath as well and give our relationship a chance to turn a new leaf.

So many things has happened in these 14 months as well as learning new things about each other. Though I suspect, there are many things I still don't know about McDave. I do know he can't take spicy stuff so he doesn't really eat Indian food. Heheheh.

He's got the most immaculately manicured fingernails and well shaped eyebrows too. He spends a great deal of time filing his nails, even more so than girls. His nails can rival professional manicurist and I love playing with them cause they're so smooth. Heheheh.

There's a distinctive facial feature McDave has that I absolutely adore from the very first day. Can you guess? No its not the penis (I not always that skanky ok...). Its his lips. Heheheh. Very adorable lips. Lovely adorable kiss-able lips yet very peculiar. I shan't go into details cause its my treasure. Heheheh.

Believe it or not, I speak to him in Mandarin and it is often a source of entertainment to him... Our conversations are hilarious cause I kept making mistakes speaking Mandarin. Heheheheh. He helps me improving my Mandarin by correcting those mistakes and teach me new words as well. I wonder when I can have my "oral test" with him.

I have this thing of rubbing Rat Rat to the phone and make some noise. He always know that its Rat Rat. Then I'll come up with weird excuses that Rat Rat was wrestling the phone from me to talk to him and all that. Hehehe. Often our conversations will have Rat Rat in it. That's how much we love our Rat Rats. Heheheh. Our little pet of some sort.

He's such a lovely man. He has his ways of expressing his love to me and I'm beginning to learn to accept it. We all have our ways of showing our love to the one we love. Some people say it aloud, some people do it through their actions.

I love you McDave.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

QR, we is sooo going to stare ok? And make peculiar facial expressions (in a good way we hope).

savante said...

Oral conversations with the rat. Sounds vaguely bestial.

Calvin said...

Bbbrrrr.... so yuk ma lah this post. Semua bulu pun sudah naik tau? Hahaha...

I like your voice too when you speak Mandarin. Kinda cute. Hehehe... No wonder can "lock" his heart ler. :p

Ah-Bong said...

so cute of u... hahha... i mean ur post. LOl

FamezGAY said...

aiyoh,, ur blog color already quite sweet liao.. with this post, its already diabetic lar... gosh

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Hahahha. You do that. :P

Savante: What?! *smack

Calvin: Hhahahah. Aiyo. Like that also can meh... Sure is the post and not something else? This month is Hungry Ghost month after all. :P

Bong: Hahha. Thanks. :P

Famezgay: Aiyoyo. Where got la... This is natural sweetness. No problem one. Hehehe.

Magus_Young said...

Such a lovely post on a thursday morning with tomorrow being holiday. Hmmmm so do u all converse in mandarin as well when ur bonking each other? heheh :P

Conrgats on your 14 month!

Stay long together and prosper.

Jason said...

Congrats on the 14 months record! That is so sweet. Btw, you have typed 7 times of "heheheh". :p

-C said...

You have such mean friends, QR. Not like me, I would never dream of making fun of your gay relationship with McDave, and your rats. Nuh uh.