Man Da Rin

The first thing I hear when I entered mandarin class was 大家好 (Hello everyone). Yep, I joined the Mandarin class for my Humanities elective. Its the only subject available that doesn't clash with my other subjects.

Thus far, he's been spending a lot of time teaching us Pin Yin, the Standard Mandarin romanization. It gets kind of boring after some time but it is necessary. So loads of pronouncing weird sounds and tongue rolling.

Now, I know how to form sentences. Woot woot.

I shall demonstrate.

我爱 McDave。他是我的男友。(I love McDave. He is my boyfriend.)

Ok fine, I didn't learn how to write these words in class. I had some lessons last year. The class is actually meant for people who knows nuts about Mandarin but I don't really know how to read and write that well. So I count as a 'banana' right?

What we really learned so far are:

你叫是么名字?(What is your name?)

我爱我的爸爸。(I love my father)

她是我的妈妈。(She is my mother)

Simple everyday phrases that everyone must know.

He taught us some poems and songs as well to aid the learning process. Kinda funny actually. Though I felt like a retarded person who has a mind of a 5 year old. The songs were nursery rhymes.

McDave couldn't stop laughing when I sang the song to him...

*tsk tsk tsk

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Hahaha~~~ What did you sang?? :P

William said...

Welcome to the world of "Little Ming", "Ali" and "Muthu".

Kyle said...

Dont worry if you feel retarded, that's the way you learn a language anyway. When we were learning Czech, we started off from scratch and learning the nouns. So, on the first few weeks, one of our tutors heard us practicing and he complimented us...

"Wow, you guys are doing great. You sound like a 3 year old now!"

So, don't worry about it and practice it with yer friends around you, it'll be fine. :)

Janvier said...

Don't think we can go through all that for Mandarin, given that we've went through POL as well as a tutor once only to give it all back to them later on...

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: I sang Wo De Peng You Zai Na Li and Liang Zhi Lao Hu... :P

William: Hahahah. Yep yep.

Kyle: Hahahha. Foreigner toddler speaking Czech.

Janvier: POL as in the independent school exams?

Janvier said...

POL as in them extra classes in goverment schools...we never sat for the exams. :P

adrien said...

wo men de ai?

ni de pei pau?

wo yow tah pein cai ni de nien?

make some room for the three quarter banana will ya? lol

m5lvin said... cute* Write me a letter in Chinese plz...

but don't just write..

what's your name...
you love your father...
and she's your mother ..


Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Oh now I remember.

Adrien: *smack smack. Can la... You pass as 3/4 banana. :P

M5lvin: Sure thing. When I have more vocab with me, I shall post in Mandarin. :P

Dan Gabriel said...

hey, i want to type in chinese too. how do you do that?

why chinese nursery rhymes and children's songs, when you can practice your mandarin pronunciation by singing songs from Meteor Garden.

"Je ba wo tze tzi uei ai shang ni..."
(Forgive my really bad pin yin.)

Queer Ranter said...

Dan: I use a program called NJ Star Communicator. Its awesome.

I'm now learning from Jay Chou's Ju Hua Tai song. So poetic~~~