Off We Go

La faghag and I left campus at 4 pm yesterday to head to KL. With news of the bus accident and also the rainy weather of KL, we didn't want to leave campus too late and also to avoid parents nagging at us. Safety comes first, no matter what you do.

Truth be told, initially we were suppose to leave at 5 pm. We had Malaysian Studies class that ends at 5 pm but halfway through we just skipped the second half of the class. The new lecturer is really boring. A boring history lecturer. Just what we need for an afternoon class.

We just sneaked out of the class during 5 mins break and hit the road.

Road Trip!

Nothing exciting happened. Just tonnes and tonnes of road constructions. So many traffic jams and traffic crawls along the way. I kinda slept for sometime. I can't stay awake in a car. Hit the highway and I'll wonder into slumber land.

Anyhow, I'm in KL now enjoying my weekend dose of civilization.

-Live Long & Prosper