Pink Shop

One thing that I missed during my internship and I will miss when I graduate is the food here. No not campus food. Campus food is rubbish. Over cooked vegetables, watered down curries and too much salt, MSG and oil...

The food I am talking about is proper cooked food. Proper Chinese food that is. Pink shop we call it since the interior is painted pink. The food there is seriously delicious. As good as home cooked meal and freakishly cheap too. The lunch below, only cost RM3.00.

Roast pork, tofu, egg plant and steamed egg.

Everyday, there's always different food cooked for mixed rice for lunch and for dinner, there's a menu to order all sorts of yummy food. One of my favourite dinner ala carte combo is 'Ha Ku Sambal Tofu Kang Kong' (urine prawn with tofu and kang kong). The name is kinda disturbing but it is the best prawn ever!

My fav combo for dinner.

I love the different type of soups that they cook everyday. Lovely soup that is not just delicious but also have cooling effect on the body. Not to mention the herbal tea that they make and serve in beer mugs.

Yummy drinks.

Ah, how I'll miss this place.

-Live Long & Prosper


coolgardy said...

Yummy, where is this place?

Queer Ranter said...

Coolgardy: Its near my campus. Some cowboy town-ish place. Hehhehe. Lovely place to eat.