Another 15 Seconds of Fame

Ever attended Pink Triangle's Sunday Session? Its basically a movie screening and discussions on topics that are related to being gay. Today was my first time attending it. The movie that they were showing was Hamam. Very interesting movie though I think most would find it too slow.

Anyhow, that's not what I wanna blog about. After the session, there was a meeting that I was dragged into as a volunteer. I didn't even know I was being volunteer until the last minute. PT is having a White Party over at their place on the 29 Dec.

My very first White Party too! I doubt its going to be anything like the real White Party but I shall be open about it. The thing that I am being volunteered is in their small play similar to Enchanted with a very queer twist. I am Prince Charming, imagine that.

Seems like the spotlight just loves me. Hahahah. I'm just moving from one spotlight to another.

I was born to be idolized! Muahahaha.

If only that is true.

-Live Long & Prosper


chase said...

it would be very interesting to attend one of those pink session..

whats a white party?

ahhhh.. so that is a white party..
never been one.

Jason said...

Lazy to google it, tell us what's White Party.

David the Man said...

Never been to a White Party... but would love to attend one! Wish someone can invite me. How about you inviting me along? Hehehe...

William said...

You'll make a fine Prince Charming.

Queer Ranter said...

Chase: It sure was! Feels like a queer home. :P

Jason: Its bloody linked you ding!

David: I'm not sure what the invitation is like. Will have to ask.

William: Awwww you sweet thing. Now can I kiss you? :P

FamezGAY said...

oh PT change the prince charming eh! huh.. anyway all the best oh! U can do it well :)