I'm Dreaming Of A White...

Chrismas is around the corner! I'm sure everyone knows it by now and how slow of me to write a post about it too. Better late (technically not that late yet) than never yes? Tis' the season to be jolly, fa lala lala lala lala.

After watching the live choir performance by Xanvier and Co, I've decided that White Christmas is my favourite carol of all time. Bravor to Xavier and Co for such a lovely performance. I really enjoyed it, all three sessions.

Here's a little something I found in YouTube. I think its adorable. Heheheh.

Anyhow back to the title. I'm dreaming of a white PSP accessory! Hehehe. Yep you heard me right and yes this is another PSP post. Well just a tiny bit. McDave got me a PSP earphone with remote! How sweet and its white too. Matches with my innocent and pure PSP.

Thanks baby.

PSP earphone and remote.

On a slightly different note, I'm looking for an outfit for my White Party and something Prince Charming-ish. I was thinking a white toga or a white yukata but I have no idea where to get them... Perhaps you guys might have an idea what to wear?

Do tell me your ideas. I like sheer but not transparent please (even though I'd love to go nude!).

-Live Long & Prosper


Ban said...

I know! You can go dressed in cum. :P

adrien said...

i told u, make a toga with bed sheets! that way, you can be dress in a toga AND cum. lol

on a more serious note, sorry dude, the fashionistas here can't exactly help you on that. unless you decide to go shopping for something then yes i'm so in! lol

savante said...

Gay party darling. White short shorts and slippers.

-C said...

I see that in my absence this blog has grown gayer and gayer.


Queer Ranter said...

Ban: *smack...

Adrien: Aiye you ah. Sheets are so unchic!

Savante: Oddly enough, I am wearing shorts. Ex has white shorts for me. Heheheh.

C: *smack

Jason said...

Em... sleeveless white shirt + white cargo pants + white sandals.

Minimise the cloth as much as possible :P

Maybe u can dye your hair white too :D

William said...

Terry Bath Robe. Or the white swim trunks... :P

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Hahahha. Minimal as possible. Hmmm. Skanky!

William: Hahahah. I want the trunks! :P