Not Quite The Ideal Corporate Slave

Ah first day of work. Thank you all for sending sms-es to ask about my first day. It wasn't quite what I expected but that's alright. With Sam keeping me company (more like I dragged him into this mess), all was peachy. Lets have a run through of my day.

It's been so many years since the last time I woke up before six (almost spelled sex there...). I don't know why this morning it took me ages to get ready. Actually left the house late but I still managed to get to Kelana Jaya station on time. That's like crossing the whole freaking city of KL... No choice I guess.

The office is located rather far from the LRT station. There's no public transport there and no where in hell am I going to take the cab. Gonna cost me a bomb for it. Have to be on time so that my supervisor can fetch me to work from the station. Same goes to Sam too.

Work was extremely BORING! We had nothing to do what so ever... We're still waiting for our laptops. No laptop = no work. Supervisor was in the meeting for the whole day and so we just sat there and wait till our eggs hatch hatchlings of some queer spawn.

Detailed account can be found here.

I reckon it could have been a little more exciting if only he followed me into the cubicle. Wishful thinking I guess.

One vital lesson I learnt today though. Always bring PSP and handphone charger. You'll never know when it'll be a super boring day and all electronics are out of juice. My PSP ran out of batt from the constant usage (all thanks to Sam playing Silent Hill Origins). He even juiced my poor phone.

-Live Long & Prosper


Sam said...

I wasn't desperate enough to "juice" other things - but you never know, that's just wishful thinking on my part. :D

David the Man said...

Errr... QR, are you Felix or Patrick? You introduced yourself to me as Patrick during our chat on GTalk. So, how come Sam addresses you as Felix in his Teatime, 8 to 5 blog post? Now, I am very confused!

Sam said...

Aiyo, his real name is Patrick la! We're trying to keep our real identities secret!

Ah-Bong said...

what a FRUITFUL day!!!

wonder what's the real name would be then? Patrick so is not defiant... Alvin sounds more suitable... or Benjamin... LMAO

William said...

Time to get some wheels.

David the Man said...

oops sorry... i don't mean to reveal your true identity. My apologies. Delete my comment post if you wish so. My apologies again.

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: Well there's always tomorrow. :P

Bong: Hahaha. Tell me about it. Nearly died from the boredom.

William: Wheels?

David: Hahah. Its alright. :)

Will said...

Saw the photos on Sam's blog, and honestly, it didn't like like the massage parlor I imagined you'd be working in. That IS what you're doing, right?

Reiki said...

Yes, a handphone charger for those time when u don't realize your battery went kong on you.

I regret that after 6 months my psp still havent visit me at the office ;__;

Jason said...

Oh.. kesian you guys :P
Yaya, bring all sorts of charger just in case :P

chase said...

may i also suggest... bring an ipod!