Queer Ranter The Socialite?

Me the socialite? Hardly. Hahhaha. For one, I'm not freaking filthy rich nor am I freaking famous to be invited to all the parties around KL. Though I'd like to attend fancy parties with everyone all dressed up fancy and they serve all the fancy food. Hmmmm, fancy that.

There were two parties to attend to Sat night. Yes, finally my Saturday is super happening. "Thank You Volunteers" party thrown by the Pink Triangle Foundation and a surprise birthday party in Sky Bar. I sure love parties!

The PT party was really fun. Lovely to see familiar faces that I've worked with for two days again. All of them are such loving and fun people. From the straights to the gays to the transexuals. Hilarious bunch. The food was simple but lovely, kinda like a little potluck gathering.

After that to Sky Bar. I still can't decide with is prettier. Sky Bar scenery or the boy that Adrien brought with him. He's uber adorable! Uber good looking! Very boy-ish looking and shy-ish but he's not shy to talk (don't know if this makes any sense but yea). But pity he's straight. Hahahah. I really am super envious of his pretty looks. Whole night, I was just staring, imaging a porn flick all thanks to drunken birthday boy Alex.

Anyhow, Sky Bar is really pretty. I love the whole design of the place and the location is perfect. Right at the top floor of Trader's Hotel and unobstructed view of Petronas Twin Towers. I think I got too excited about the boy, I forgot to take pictures of the place... I'm so pathetic.

The DJ in Sky Bar was excellent! None of those Ah Beng Beng songs but real nice house music and they played my favourite, Destination Calabria. I'm still so obsessed with the video clip since the last time. There's just something that's super posh and erotic about this.

So that was my Saturday.

What was your Saturday like?

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

I still prefer Luna Bar more :)

William said...

A drunk Alex?!

Sam said...

Is it normal for a gay guy to find that totally HAWT!?

Ban said...

Party party party! Songs were a bit old, but fortunately not beng or "I saw the sign." :P

I thought you'd like Api's friend. Hee.

Queer Ranter said...

Famezgay: I like here better. Bigger and nicer too. :P

William: Yea and you missed it!

Sam: I asked the same question deary.

Ban: I do like he's friend.


adrien said...

leave my friend alone!! he's all mine! lol

Alex said...

I enjoyed the birthday bash thoroughly.... Drinks, atmosphere, dance, Jin, friends, ppl.... Oh! And Adik's friends are soooooo hot.... :P I would've guessed u like that guy...

Janvier said...

Adrien was giving us murderous looks when we hogged his friend. Bwahahaha.

adrien said...

*continues to give MORE murderous looks to ALL OF YOU*


Jason said...

See, that's why I ask you to come faster.

"Adik's Yang is dem hot, come faster!"

Queer Ranter said...

Adik: Selfish!


Alex: You would have but you were too DRUNK to guess. :P

Janvier: You what?!


Jason: Hahahah. Yes thanks for the notification. :P