The White Outfit

At last I have my White Party outfit ready. Thanks to several contributors for lending and giving me stuff for my outfit. I must say I really love it. Never wore a white outfit before in my life till now. I love dressing up. Its so much fun! If only I have more clothes to work with.

I absolutely adore the shirt! Definitely screams fag! Just the way I like it. This is the pressie that I got from my Secret Santa. He knows me oh too well.

Read what the tshirt says.

The jacket was given to me by my ex. I really love this blazer and he made it himself. The lovely cream off white colour, the silk material and the cut fits me perfectly. Best of all, its not thick so its actually wearable in this hot and humid country. Though, I strongly advise against wearing it anywhere outside of a air conditioned mall.

He even gave me some bling bling accessories to go with it. He's such a sweet person yet a pain in the ass at times. Heheheh. Love yea lots too.

Those two are the only pieces that I own. The white shorts belongs to NakedWriter. Thank goodness it fits. Its not sheer like the ones I found in ISETAN but it'll do. Since its not sheer, I can't show off my kinky underwear...

And the Adidas shoes belongs to my love, McDave. He wears the same shoe size as me! Should have asked him to buy me a pair when he was in Singapore... Next time I guess.

The complete outfit.

So that's the runthrough of what I am going to wear for the White Party. I am so excited I can't wait to be there.

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

Oh Gosh.. I sooo LOVE the SHIRT.. wat brand is that? soo strikingly attractive

Alex said...

Wow..... Go wear them and get soaked in the rain!

David the Man said...

I so jealous la! You get to go to White Party! By the way, when is it? And where is it? Just curious, though I know for sure I won't be able to attend one myself. Anyway, enjoy yourself there, and don't forget to blog about it here. Also don't forget to include tons of pics in that blog, yea? We all are eager to see those pics of yours! Happy New Year 2008 to you, Mr. QR!

Queer Ranter said...

Famezgay: I know! Me love it too. Hahah.

Alex: Will you be the one to pour water on me? :P

David: Awww. Happy New Year to you too.

Jason said...

Ooo... I love the shirt!

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