Café 31

Took my ex, La Faghag and me ages to find this bloody place in The Gardens. Who knew Baskin Robbins had another name called Café 31... We were looking for a quiet place to sit, chat and nibble on something. Since Mid Valley was packed with people from who knows where, we went to The Gardens where there's less people.

I think the name Café 31 is really creative. 31 for the 31 flavours and also from the abbreviation BR. Very creative. At first glance, the place looks like the normal Baskin Robbins kiosk except its in a proper shop. The difference becomes obvious when they served the ice cream to your table.

Brilliant logo.

No more paper cups and say hello Baskin Robbins china and dessert spoon. They even serve lemon flavoured water with the ice cream. Lovely!

Rum & Raisins and Flavour of The Month, Hazelnut.


Strawberry Cheesecake.

Of all the flavours, I love Strawberry Cheesecake. Very yummy. I've always been a fan of their Very Berry Strawberry. And now they combined both strawberry and cheesecake flavour. Heavenly!

The place is pretty nice and cosy. Suitable to sit and chat or hook your laptop to WIFI connection. Lovely place to people watch too. Occasionally there'll be adorable boys or men depending on what you're looking for, who will swing by the place.

-Live Long & Prosper


David the Man said...

Oh Baskins Robbins ice creams... nice... Love those flavors, but too expensive by normal standards. The last time I went there, I ordered a 6-flavored ice cream, not in paper cups, but on BR plates. Nice though, no cute waiters, but their service were considered great. Offered to introduce some ice cream flavors with politeness. Overall rating = 7.8 out of 10.

Jason said...

Yay, a new place for ice cream!

Queer Ranter said...

David: Review wasn't necessary but thanks. :) Either way, they still serve super nice ice cream. For the cheapest and best ice cream ever, go to McDs. No where else makes ice cream so smooth for RM 1++. :)

Jason: I know! Lovely place. Hehehe.