CK Public Announcement

Can I have your attention please, all underwear fetish people (some may have known this in advance). More specifically, CK underwear fans. If you don't own a pair or you want more to add into your drawers (yes plural drawers and don't pretend, you know who you are) this is be a fantastic time to get some.

I'll tell you why. McDave and I just spent RM 299 on 15 pairs (I only bought 3 thongs though) of CK underwear! Now that's what I call a great bargain! CK is having 50-70 % sale in all the departmental stores in Malaysia. This includes The Undershop, Philosophy, ISETAN and Parkson. The reason for such wonderful sale is, CK is transfering their licence to sell CK Underwear to their own boutiques. So those places above are clearing stock.

Let me breakdown the purchase for you and see how extremely cheap it is. We bought:

  1. CK Body Thongs (7 pieces) - RM 50 (original price) RM 15 (discounted price)
  2. CK 365 (2 pieces) - RM 80 (original price) RM 40 (discounted price)
  3. CK Pro Stretch Jock Strap (4 pieces) - RM 50 (original price) RM 15 (discounted price)
  4. CK solid colour (1 piece) - RM 110 (original price) RM 27 (discounted price)
  5. CK comic theme printed waistband (1 piece) - RM 110 (original price) RM 27.00 (discounted price)
Total Original Price - RM 930

Total Discounted Price - RM 299

Total SAVED - RM 631

The Tower of CK Underwear.

I recommend that you guys get it from Parkson because, there's tonnes of stock here (though I didn't check in ISETAN) and also the collection seems to have more variety (again I didn't check in ISETAN). They also give lovely red Parkson paperbags which I absolutely adore and it looks so chic.

I love paperbags like these!

Another perk of getting it from here is for every RM 120 purchase, you'll get a RM 10 voucher. So technically you can get 3 thongs or jock straps for free with RM 360 purchase.

That's not all, they also have this Scratch & Win competition going on. But that's just a side perk. We got to take 10 tokens to scratch.

Scratch and WIN!

So go buy them CK underwear before the sizes run out! And please kind hearted people out there, remember me when you're buying them CK underwears. I love the thongs and jock straps very much.

Donations are very much appreciated.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

freaking undergarments consumer... tak sudah sudah this fella... fist psp, now underwear... wonder wat's next.. *thinking dildo* LMAO

i want thongs!!!! Pffft :P

inaesb said... cheap? Buy some for me la pls... I'll pay you back when I get back. :)

inaesb said...

Oh should have seen the sales on Boxing day in Knightsbridge and Oxford/Regent Street.. the discounts would have boggled your mind. I think you would have been broke by now. Think Armani, Fendi, FCUK,, I tell you. But the crowd is a big turnoff. It's a riot.

Ryan said...

Oooh... I am so gonna get it!! I don't have CK underwear!!!

Jason said...

*dot dot dot*

Fable Frog said...

OMG~ OMG~!!! oh have i said OMG!!! so dirt cheap!!! how come i didnt know! Pfft!! that's for being so damn busy~!! the department store so near i also dunno~ I hope the % is still on~!!! you lucky bastard!!

Will said...

When can I expect the pics of you and McDave modeling them to arrive in my Inbox?

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: Hahhaha. Go buy go buy. :P

Inaesb: Oh my. Shopping here and shopping there! Love shopping. Only if I have infinite amount of money to spend...

Ryan: Go go go before it runs out.

Jason: *smack

Fable: Hahahha. The sale is still on. Till CNY the sales person said.

Will: Hahahha. Wouldn't you like that eh. Hehhehe.

chase said...

im dying to buy a CK underwear.. but its so freaking expensive here.

and i need to get nice abs to bring justice to the name CK. hehehe

Queer Ranter said...

Chase: I need abs too... All I got is flabs.

*sob sob

Though I still look amazing in kinky underwear. Hehhehe.

aaronng88 said...

so cheap.... *faints*

Queer Ranter said...

Aaron: Don't just faint, go buy!