The White Party

The White Party was a blast! Met lots of familiar faces as well as unexpected faces as well. But overall, a great event. I sure enjoyed my role of Prince Charming and even had make up on. I looked uber adorable it seemed.

Let's start from the beginging. Was at PT early to help out with stuff, mostly with the decorations. It really was lovely, White Christmas theme and cosy. The place really transformed from spartan look to White Christmas festive look.

Entrance up into the Wonderful Land of White Christmas.

The interior decorations.

Our little Christmas tree.

Then we have drags. Three of them in fact. One, Shantirina, as the host of the evening and she looked super stunning. As she said, she can go into MIC and men will be pouring her with marriage proposals. I totally agree with that statement. She was stunning. It's uncanny to see a drag who's more beautiful than the real woman. Hahah. Such stunning beauty of the undesired effect.

Shantirina (Santa Claus's Cousin).

Then the other two were in the little sketch that I was involved in. A parody to Enchanted. So the story goes like this. There's the Prince Charming (ME!), Gisselle, Evil Queen Mother and The Lawyer. Prince Charming and Gisselle were going to a ball together. There Gisselle met the Lawyer and dumped Prince Charming. They danced, laughed and had a great time.

The Evil Queen, jealous of Gisselle's beauty decided to poison her and put her to sleep forever. Only the one true love's kiss can wake her up from her deep deep slumber. The Lawyer gave it a try and kissed her. But he too fell into the same spell.

The Prince (Me again!) was shocked upon discovering what had happened. The Evil Queen Mother told him that only the one true love's kiss can wake either one of them. He had to choose between Gisselle and The Lawyer. He picked The Lawyer and lived happily ever after.

The Evil Queen Mother.

The Princess, Gisselle.

These drags really mean business when it comes to appearance. The make up was beautifully done, lovely dresses, long wigs and full sets of authentic feeling boobies. To get those lovely boobies they used condoms and filled it with water. Soft to the touch yet firm at the same time.


Since it was a Christmas party, there's pressie exchange! I love pressie exchange. Its interesting how they did it this time. They gathered everyone in a circle and hold their pressie that they bought. Passed the pressie to the person on the right until the song stopped. Kinda like musical chair. So that maked sure that everyone won't get their own pressie.

But look at what I got!

Mysterious paperbag.

It is a gift from L'Occitane! A bottle of Eau de Toilette Green Tea. I love it. Really nice fragrance.

L'Occitane The Vert Green Tea.

And yes Adrien you can have the bottle when its finished. Hehehe.

FYI to those interested. PT is having their Sunday movie sessions on Sundays at 3.00 pm. They'll screen gay themed movie (not pornography...) and have a chat or discussions, basically get to know each other better.

Click here for map.

-Live Long & Prosper


leesh said...

condoms filled with water?! as good as those silicone ones? :D

David the Man said...

Where is the picture of you being the Charming Prince la? Show us!!! We all WANT to see!!!

Queer Ranter said...

Leesh: From my elbow-banging-your-boobs experience, they feel the same. :P

David: Hahahah. Too lazy to edit the photo and upload it here. I look stunning, I assure you. You'll just have to take my word for it.

nakedwriter said...

Where's Rajidolph? :)

Beautiful pictures there.

William said...

Yeah, no pics of you... :(