Pressie Shopaholic

OMG... I am so broke this month! I didn't even shop for myself, just shopped for pressies. Its one event after the other piling up and all of which I need to go pressie shopping for. Tis' the season after all yes?

I think I shall blog about some of places where I love to go shopping for pressies. This is mid budget pressie shopping mind you. I don't earn a 5 figure income per month. Though it maybe too late for some but just keep in mind for other occasions.

They are arranged in no particular order.


This is an absolutely lovely place to go shop for pressies. Most of the things there are not mid budget shopping but you'd be surprise. There are things that are super pretty and cheap too! You just have to keep your eyes peeled for them. Look at all the items and check the price. Always managed to get something there for about RM 20.

S & J

Definitely a place to find all sorts of gifts for really cheap prices. They do have some nice pressies that aren't to common or cheap looking. But I like to go there to get their glass bottles as part of pressie package. Gotta be a little creative when buying a pressie yes?


A very unlikely place to get pressies considering this place sells furniture and the likes. I managed to get a few pressies from there. For one, the stuffed toys are just so adorable, good quality and sorta cheap. If not, there's always lovely tin cans or glass bottles or glasses that can be a part of the pressie. Look out for bags as well.

Sungai Wang 6th Floor

You'd be surprise what you can get in this "lala" place as they call it. Mostly collectable items from Gundam models to interesting twisted Coca-cola bottles. Lots of decorative items as well and they are cheap too.


Wonderful place to get stuffed toys or toiletary sets or bath sets. Not forgetting, there's always the "all night long fun" sets, which I gave to Alex for his birthday. A tin can from IKEA and fill it with loads of lubricants and condoms for his all night long fun, solo or otherwise.

There you go. Some of the places to go buy pressies without blowing a huge hole in your pockets. Though an actual hole in the pockets can mean certain pleasurable fun in public.

Merry Christmas

-Live Long & Prosper


daniel henry said...

awww~ shopping for pressies?
so sweet...

chase said...

haaa! you guys have watsons?
oh yeah, i remembered.. its all over asia.. hehehe

merry christmas! and happy shopping!

Kai Ting said...

where's mine where's mine, where's mine!!!