Queer Ranter & Community Service!

To kill time, I decided to volunteer for the Red Carnival that was held in Sungei Wang on the 1st and 2nd of Dec in conjunction to the World AIDS Day by the Pink Triangle Foundation. Raising funds and create awareness of AIDS to the public has never been so fun!

I have never worked and surrounded by so many queers before in my life. I really enjoyed it so much and got to know so many of them at the same time. I felt right at home. They're such lovely and fabulous people and now I miss them already. Man I'm such an emotional drama queen.

I was assigned as one of the "Roaming Angels" to collect donations from the public, stick red ribbons on them, distribute condoms and give away balloons and postcards. Super fun. The public were generally supportive of this carnival and we did manage to raise quite a sum of money for it.

Information counter at the Fiesta Walk.

We had a condom manufacturer with us during the carnival too. CARE, this is my first time I hear of them. Those were the condoms that we were given to distribute. I like their packaging a lot. I swiped two stacks for myself since there were leftovers. Hehehhe.

To promote their brand, they had a mannequin dressed in condoms. Head to toe all condoms. Very kinky but I wouldn't wear it. Its too condom-ish even for me to pull it off. You would smell the condoms from miles away with so many condoms used for the outfit. Heheheh.

They're just missing the cream inside the condoms.

Of course I cam-whored with it.

See me and the rubber mannequin.

The theme of the carnival was Mardi Gras, so the "Roaming Angels" had to wear masks, bling bling headbands and wristbands. I was of course the victim of wearing the mask and bling bling headband. Not such a bad thing actually, tourists kept asking me to pose next to them in photos. Yahoo, I'm going international with my cam-whoreness.

That's me with pink mask and that's my fellow "Roaming Angel".

That's me with green mask.

I think they should have more props to wear. I would love to have matching coloured feather boas too. More blings basically.

What made the whole even more fun was the fact that there were so many good looking boys to ogle at! The volunteer team itself had a few that I really really like. Not to mention those who frequent Sungei Wang. Twinks everywhere! I don't know why I didn't take photos with those twinks who volunteered... I'll remember to do that when they're having a party next week.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

Ahaha.... I had some of the pictures of you at work :P

Brian Chang said...

Call you to collect more donations, u ogled at boys!! Got meh? When i was there satu pun tak ada.. I see you somemore so happy nyer wearing that mask.

Diva betul

Janvier said...

Good looking boys to ogle at. Jailbait kah? Cannot pakai like that.

adrien said...

aiyorrr how unfortunate that i came a tad too late..sobs..

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: You what?!

Brian: Can you blame me with all the masks and bling bling things? :P

Janvier: Yer... I like boys what...

Adrien: *hugs Its alright. Hahhah. Jason got pics of me anyways. :P

William said...

I saw the schedule in the papers, "Mingling with the Roaming Angels". Tak sangka you were one of 'em. Fairy tak nak kerja dah?

Sorry I couldn't make it...

Queer Ranter said...

William: Hahahah. Fairy took off for those two days. Back to normal schedule on Monday. :P

Magus_Young said...

the queer angel you're roaming with looks familiar...steven's the name i guess?

U must have seen my mother hen as well...the only indian helping back stage...

Alex said...

Oh my Zeus!!!! You're so diva!!!

Queer Ranter said...

Magus: Yep yep. That be him. How did you know?

Alex: *smack! What diva?!

Jason said...

Yalor, me go there, satu pun tak ada. maybe 1st day ada la.