Christmas Luncheon

Merry Christmas everyone! Initially I thought I'd have a nice and quiet time at home. Reading my book, play with my PSP, cuddle with my stuffed toys and research on potential employers. As luck would have it, I was invited last minute to a Christmas luncheon. I couldn't say no since I've already missed one party with the gang in Melaka last weekend.

It was a nice sized group that joined for the luncheon though a few of them were missing and it would be nice to have them. There were loads of food enough to feed the whole of Africa no doubt but delicious none the less. The host and hostest kept feeding us food but aneroxic me could only eat so much. Thank goodness for people with bigger stomach capacity.

I totally forgotten to bring a bottle of wine to the steamboat. A little alcohol shouldn't hurt right? Though some of them were keen to see me drunk. Never been drunk and plan to stay that way. I don't fancy passing out and sleeping in the toilet after puking. Heheheh.

I finally got my Secret Santa pressie along with another random pressie. Happy happy joy joy. My Secret Santa pressie was a white t-shirt with very interesting wordings on it. I forgot to take a photo of it and its now in the laundry... I absolutely adore my random pressie though.

It is so adorable!

Singing Christmas Stocking.

Rat rat approves and now he's got friends. Heheheh.

Now I shall wait for Santa to fill it up with goodies.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ryan said...

Beautiful luncheon with a white t-shirt pressie?! So sweet!

Jason said...

Yuo made it to the luncheon :)

Alex said...

Merry Christmas!

Life Cafez said...

It's very cuteeee of the Christmas Stocking :P Merry X'mas

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Food and friends are always a sweet thing.

Jason: Yep I did.

Alex: Merry Christmas too you too hawtie. :)

Life: I know! Rat rat loves it.