Queer Ranter The Bum

Man, how time flies even when I spent it bumming the whole day. Didn't go out since I need to conserve money, it was raining so even the more reason not to step out of the house and of course do some PSP game testing.

At the moment, my 4 GB Memory Stick can only handle on average of 5 games. These games are surprisingly huge, about 1 GB. All because of the pretty cinematics. I love game cinematics cause they're really pretty and sometime hilarious!

So basically spend most of my noon and afternoon uploading and deleting games.

Eventhough I came back super late last night due to the birthday party, I had to wake up early like 7 o'clock. I had a friend tagging along and he was staying over my place. He had to work this morning hence the ungodly hour wake up call...

What's worse was I couldn't get back to bed after that. I had to stay awake to play my part of this intricate web of lies to arrange a meeting with La Faghag and my ex. No one knew my ex is in town and he wanted to give a little surprise to everyone (at the cost of my beauty sleep...).

And what am I going do now?

I'm gonna sleep. Yes its 10 but I have to get a good rest and get to work. First day of work! Heheheh. I wonder what's it like working with Sam.

I smell some office scandals coming along.

-Live Long & Prosper


nakedwriter said...

your stick can only last you 5 games? Ohh come on :P I know what your stick can do... ;)

Kit said...

wow you can actually go out of your way to plan stuff for your ex. how wonderful. get some rest then. hope your first day at work is good.

Queer Ranter said...

Nakedwriter: OMG! You naughty naughty boy. I like how you think! :P

Kit: Yea. I kinda got sucked in. :P

Thanks for the wishes. :)

Jason said...

Good day at work ya.

-C said...

How typical of you to leave me out of your blog post. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Awww thanks.

C: *smack