Silent Thoughts

One of the lessons in life that I learnt is being there for a person is very important. A simple act of being there, whether for small insignificant occasions or huge important occasions, shows that you care for the person and it means a lot to the person that you were there.

My Rotarian advisor once told me, be there for the people you care when they are alive cause it won't matter when they are dead. Which is true. What good is going to his funeral to him when you can attend his play or his fashion show back when he was alive?

I didn't understand why back when I was with my ex, I'll always make it for all his fashion shows. Just to see his work and be supportive of him along side with his family members. Now I know that I did it cause I care for him and I want to show that to him.

Of course its impossible to go for all the events but the effort of trying to make it, makes it up for the others. There's always the choice of ditching something that needs to be done and be there for him. There's always choices laid for us to chose. No such thing as "I don't have a choice".

We all have our things to do and priorities but those can always change just for the moment. To me, being busy with work is such a lame excuse to not attend. Just shows what is being valued the most.

I've gone through my childhood with my parents being absent for important events. It hurts knowing that they're not there and some of these events only happens once in a lifetime. Kinda sucks when it happens all over again with other people currently.


-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

awww... *hugs*

coolgardy said...

Its just something we all go along but you know what, we can overcome it. Take the lessons of the what you learnt, apply it and modify it to make it better, so that you do not have to repeat this lesson in life again? If not, it comes back to haunt you again...perhaps at times, its best to give and take?

Janvier said...

Well, communicate. Maybe the people in question don't know they're in such a situation?

Sometimes people being busy at work is a justifiable excuse - office politics might just lead to your being fired then you know (not all cases tho').

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: *hugs back

Coolgardy: What is there to overcome in this case? Is it don't expect people to be there for the days that you really want them to be there? That be a sad thing though.

Janvier: Of course it is justifiable is some cases. I did say, it is impossible to attend for all events and such.

Having said that, how is it justifiable to miss your own anniversary dinner or a play performed by your love one or graduation ceremony?

I said its a lame excuse because if you really want to make it and be there, you will go through hell just to do it. You'll do it if you want to and like I always say, its a choice whether you want to be there or not.

Magus_Young said...

Magus gives Ranter a pat...

Well I guess we cant expect too much from people can we...and not all express their love by "being there" :)