Queer Ranter The Illustrious Ex-Intern

You wouldn't believe what a night I had! I really love the company that I used to intern in early this year. Eventhough we are no longer employees of the company, La Faghag and I still managed to get ourselves invites to this year's annual dinner.

I would say this year's party is grand compared to last year's especially the entertainments. They had celebrities like Serena C as the host and Anita Sarawak and Anuar Zain for performances. I couldn't believe it myself until I saw them.

Not to boost or anything but I think La Faghag and I are most likely the most well known intern/ex-intern in the company. It all started with last year's annual dinner where we were nominated as best dressed male and female (our 15 seconds of fame). Not forgetting the tonnes of photos of us in the dinner being shared in the company's network. The job as a QA intern requires lots of interactions with everyone within the company, so no surprise everyone knows us two interns.

This year, even with La Faghag's effort to stay low profile during the dinner with her supposed simple black dressed, still managed to be dragged into the spotlight. Anita spotted her (we were sitting front row) and called her up to the stage. Anita was asking her some questions like:

Anita: So who did you come here with?
La Faghag: Oh came here with QR.
A: How did you know him?
LF: Oh he's my coursemate.
A: Is that what they call it these days?

*the crowd broke into fits of laughter

The next thing I knew, I was called up on stage too! And seeing that I was her "coursemate", she sang us a Mandarin song, 月亮代票我的心 (The Moon Represents My Love/Heart). What's more, we had to slow dance in front of everyone! I felt like I was in an episode of Will and Grace.

Anita Sarawak.

So much for being low profile.

I was dressed to kill anyways.

Almost everyone was wondering why we were there in the first place, let alone being called up on stage by Anita Sarawak herself!

I have to compliment Anita Sarawak for her performance. She performed really well and most importantly, she interacted with the audience really well. She's one of those who exudes high stage presents and relates to the crowd comfortably. She can really dance and sing at the same time and look absolutely gorgeous (she dyed her hair black) for her age.

-Live Long & Prosper


Alex said...

Wow! You met with the Diva herself! So fun!!!!!! :P She's your role model then...

Ban said...

Lucky dog! Send pics of what you were wearing! Quick quick!

Queer Ranter said...

Alex: Hahaha. Yes I did!

Ban: Heheheh. Its the batik jacket like the last time.

Jason said...

So lucky lah you!

William said...

She's a wonderful performer...

"Will and Grace", bwhahahaha.