Emotional Shopping Fallout

I have a love hate relationship with sales and today just proved it. Love it cause of CHEAP stuff! Hate it cause shopping malls will be filled with kiasu-fide shoppers. They will go to great lengths, like scavengers fighting over a dead animal. Its scary.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is finding something truely lovely and slashed half price flat only to find there's no size! Arrrrrgh. I hate it. So bloody annoying! This is especially true when it comes to bottoms (bottoms as in pants you pervs...).

To make matters worst, my waist is 31 and guess what, I'm not the only freaking aneroxic in town with that waist measurement and good taste in fashion... This cannot happen to me!

As you all know, I am attending the White Party in PT and I am going to dress in all white. Brian and I spotted two, TWO!, lovely cream coloured shorts that would go perfectly with my white outfit. But alas no size! 33 and above! They want me to swim in the pants is it?!

Even my cute lovely bubble ass (verified by Brian himself) couldn't support the pants up. Unless I want to moon the crowd when I'm performing as Prince Charming I'd get the shorts but seriously, no.


I am, at this very moment, shorts-less...

-Live Long & Prosper


SOLOACT said...

ha ha ha...swim in the pants! do you REALLY swim in 2-size bigger pants? ..what a sight that is..hehe :)

Queer Ranter said...

Soloact: Well maybe its an exageration but I like fitting pants. :P

chase said...

HAHA.. bubble butt?? wow, i've got to see those. hehehe