Finally its here! I have it in my bare hands! One month plus of waiting and here it is. Some of you may already know what it is while other might think what on earth am I rambling about. I got my PSP!

Just look at that pretty thing. Oh so pretty. Decided to go with Ceramic White to reflect the pure-ness and innocent-ness that is not and never will be me. Either way it looks pretty. Didn't want the other colours cause they have glitters... Me no likey glitters.

The console, 4 GB Memory Stick, bag, silicon case, screen protector and USB cable costed RM 980 (modded of course). Expensive piece of gadget but its worth it. I really really love the PSP.

Pretty pretty PSP.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, how about some UMDs eh? Muahahha.

I'd like to thank my dad for the huge subsidy on the PSP and McDave for the colour selection.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jason said...

So you got it at that price?
Yay, now can add another thing to your almost-empty-bag :P

Ban said...

*hissssss* PSP!

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Dem you! My almost empty bag pulak...

Ban: Hehehhe. Fun fun fun.