Battle of The Hair

This is what happens when interns don't have anything to do at work, we cam-whore and take weird ass pictures and think about weird things. Yes, these coming three weeks we have nothing to do. Even our boss said so. Sigh... Can't do what I want to do, which is to read my book, also... So we went wild with my K800i instead.

And here is the result.

Guess which arm is mine.

The arm on the left is mine and the one on the right is la faghag's. Yep, she's got 20% extra hair on her arms. Mine is like the dead and barren moon. Actually, I'm generally hairless save for my head, armpits, legs, groin and some fuzz as my facial hair. Luckily I have some body hair to begin with or I'll look like steamed chicken when I'm naked. Heheheh.

But I've always wonder where la faghag got all those hair from. Her mom and dad are practically hairless. Must be her great-great-grand parents in the past or someone that has the hairy genes. Heheheh.

Since I'm blogging, I shall show you guys the studs that McDave and I got during the weekend. I love my studs.

I love studs!
The silver one is mine and the black on is his. Each cost RM25 though... That's like one pair of Renoma GString already... Anyhow, the his stud can be worn both sides, the diamond side and the flat side. How cool is that and it looks great. Mine can only be worn on the diamond side but I love it cause of the size. Its bigger than what I have at the moment and I can carry off a bigger stud. Though I think it looks better without the black rubber. Can't wait to wear it!

-Live Long & Prosper


Leesh said...

Fyi...hairy chicks are more passionate ok :D

-C said...

I volunteer to test that hypothesis.