Finally gotten what I've been craving for. Piercing for my left ear. Woot woot. Got it done in Mid Valley at a kiosk near Baskin Robins. The lady was really nice and she only charged for one piercing which is good. I got la faghag and slender faghag to accompany me. They were there for emotional support. No there weren't any squealing, screaming, crying or drama when I got it done. It was painless actually. I'm really happy.

This is my before photo.

Spray something cold to make it numb.

Here comes the piercing.


These are the studs I chose.

I should start shopping for nice studs to wear. Heheheh. I love my piercing~~~

My mom was rather cool about me getting a piercing. So that's good. Heheheh. No drama what so ever. She even gave me some tips on what not to do and take more vitamin C. I won't argue with that.

After the piercing, I followed the faghags to go bra shopping. I was actually quite surprised how expensive normal bras are... Yikes. Enough for me to by CK undies. They taught me a few pointers on how to get the right bras but I doubt there will be any good on me. Hehehhe.

And I really don't like the feel of boobs... No I didn't molest la faghag nor slender faghag. They had this boob thing and its suppose to feel like the real thing. So I prodded it with my finger and ewwwwwwwww. Me no likey... Me no like boobies...

-Live Long & Prosper


Ban said...

Eeeee, boobies! They give you cooties!

Alex said...

Oh my Zeus!

pluboy @ takashi said...

yes.. boobies makes me go.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

and.. arr.. u like long and juicy ripe sausages that oozes out juices upon ripe.. :)

William said...

Looks cool!

The next logical step, get your boobies done! -- nipple piercings. :D