Marmalade Cafe

Had a lovely outing the whole day today with all my friends. La faghag, slender faghag, C, ex and trans friend. We all met for lunch at Bangsar Village II in Marmalade Cafe. Lovely little place, the interior design is spartan but homey at the same time. Its got a window view and the place is naturally lit by the sun. Its kinda modern French/English sort of feel.

The food were really awesome and wasn't all that pricey actually. Pretty similar but less than TGIF and the portion was just nice. I love my pesto chicken though I wished there was cheese added in it. Slender faghag ordered this superbly delicious Arabian Set. The lamb pate was exquisitely delicious, juicy and wth every bite, there's an explosion of flavours. The lamb meat was minced with herbs and some beans, cooked to perfection. In the end, C had to help finish her food. I shamelessly offered a hand finishing it too.

Pesto chicken.

Arabian Set.

My trans friend had mini bangers, kids meal, just to see what mini bangers were... We told him it was mini wieners and when it came to the table, it was skinned wieners. I could have come up with so many annotations but I resisted myself. I feel proud. Heheheh.

C had the lasagna and the shear size of it shocked me. It was a huge pile of lasagna, something mother nature mudslide had happened on his plate but it was lovely. La faghag and ex ordered the mushroom quiche. Those were lovely too and I'm a huge fan of mushrooms, any sorts of mushrooms.

Mini bangers, lasagna and mushroom quiche.

We enjoyed our meal over many many conversations that took place on that table. We were talking about so many topics ranging from advertising to the Indian customs and bra strap tips. Funnily enough, the bra strap tips were only useful to C since there rest were three girls and two fags... Go figure.

Speaking of advertising, C mentioned about the latest Gatsby advertisement campaign. Watch and listen intently.

Did you get it? No? Well listen to their tagline, 'Gatsby Moving Rubber'. Listen carefully and you'll hear this, 'Gatsby, Moving Lubber'. Heheheh. That's just so funny. Moving Rubber itself is enough give laughing fits to anyone but Moving Lubber?! Gotta love the Japanese. Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

We likes the Moving Rubber - much easier to use compared to their clay.

And shall note down the quiche to try next - the first time we ate there it was the salad and not the main meal that satiated us.

Queer Ranter said...

Yea love the Moving Rubber. Quite nice to use. Not sure what's the diff with the clay though. Hmmmm...

joshua said...

lol i Love Marmalade... oh so healthy food!